Boys are often mischievous by nature. If you expect — and more importantly, accept — a bit of mischief from your little guy, then consider one of these boy names that mean mischief. From Maverick to Draco and beyond, each is unique and masculine. Take a look!

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  • Abheek This name has Indian origins where it's fairly often used. It means “fearless,” which perfectly describes any boy with mischief in his heart.
  • Chimun An unusual but spunky name for boys that means “a curious personality.” This name is mostly a surname but has a few instances of being used as a first name.
  • Phobus Of Ancient Greek origin, Phobos means “fear.” Many people fear mischievous kids, making this name suitable for your little boy.
  • Draco The boy's name Draco is of Greek origin. It means “dragon” or “serpent,” both vicious in behavior and nature It can also represent a constellation of stars.
  • Tyran According to its Greek origin, Tyran means “dark.” It's a great name for a mischievous, rambunctious boy.
  • Abandon The name means “destroy,” exactly what some mischievous people create. The name is nonetheless unique and fun for a modern-day boy. It has Hebrew origins.
  • MaverickThe name Maverick means “independent,” or “to go his own way.” Boys given this name are natural-born leaders eager to get ahead in the world. The name has American origins.
  • Ciman An unusual boy's name meaning “curious, first to learn something,” the name describes perfectly a little boy whose quest to know more seems to always get him in trouble.
  • Osman The Arabic name means “son of a snake.” Despite the dark meaning, it is somewhat popular in Middle Eastern countries and sometimes used in the U.S.
  • Fachnan This name has Irish origin and means “malicious.” The name is very unusual meaning he will always have a unique name shared by very few.
  • Ubel This boy's name means “evil.” Many people say those who are mischievous sometimes have an evil side. This name has a German origin.
  • Iniko A Nigerian name meaning “time of trouble,” Iniko sounds cool and certainly fits the bill of uniqueness.
  • Paya A cool name for boys that means “madman” or “eccentric.” It has Italian origins where it is both a surname and a given name.
  • Casimir The name means “destroyer of peace.” The name is an English, French, and Latin variant of the Polish name Kazimierz.
  • Rogue A fun name for boys, Rogue means “a playfully mischievous person.” The name was first used in 1571 and has English origins.
  • Einer This name means “warrior” or “to stand alone.” The name has Old Norse origins.
  • LowellThe name Lowell is of English origin. It means “little wolf.” Wolves are known as mischievous predators, making this name perfect for someone looking for a name with a mischievous meaning.
  • Breaker Rarely used as a name, Breaker means “trouble.” It has English origins.
  • CainThe Biblical name Cain means “possessed.” it is a good choice for a mischievous name. It has Hebrew origins.
  • Teivel This unique name sounds cool and means “devilish.” It's the perfect name for a mischievous boy whom one day grows into a charismatic leader. The name has Yiddish origins.
  • Alastor This name means “tormenter.” The name has Greek origins, where it was also the name of a mythical goddess.
  • Hecate meaning “not a good omen,” Hecate has Greek origins. It is a boy's name with originality and spunk.
  • Isbad Combining the words “is” and “bad” makes for one hell of a name for a mischievous little boy. The name is rare, used a handful of times in Indonesia and even less in Morocco and Russia.
  • Boyan The boy's name Boyan is not often used ensuring he has a unique name. It means “warrior or fighter” and has Slavic origin. The name is most often associated with Boyan Slat who won the 2015 Champion of the Earth Award.
  • Jinadeth This unusual name is a good choice for a boy. It means “curious to learn things,' a great way to describe a mischievous child. It has Indian origins.

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