From Chanda, which means ‘wild and untamed,' to Matilda, which means ‘strength in battle,' each of these girl names that mean mischievous is delightful and feminine. Peruse the options below and find the ideal name for your little one.

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  • Agamede Agamede is a feminine name of Greek origin. It means ‘very cunning.'
  • Bry Bry is a fantastic name for a mischievous girl. It originates from the Arabic language and means ‘wild and fierce.'
  • Chanda The moniker Chanda is a Hindu name, meaning ‘wild and untamed.' It's an excellent name for a mischievous feminine soul.'
  • Cozbi Cozbi refers to a person who ‘tricks people into getting what she wants.' It originates from the Hebrew language.
  • DelilahThe actions of Delilah in the Bible have been the subject of debate for centuries. Some call her actions mischievous and others call them traitorous. Nevertheless, Delilah remains a top name for girls in the U.S. The Hebrew interpretation means ‘to weaken' referring to the Biblical story of Sampson and Delilah. After Sampson told Delilah the secret to his strength, she had his long hair cut off while he was sleeping.
  • Eletta If you're determined to raise a child with a mischievous spirit, consider naming your little girl Eletta. It means ‘footloose' in Greek.
  • EmilyThe moniker Emily is perfect for a mischievous girl. In Latin, it stems from the word aemulus, meaning ‘rival.' In Greek, the name comes from aimylos, meaning ‘wily.'
  • EloiseIn a series of books about a girl who causes all types of mischief at the hotel where she lives. The name itself is of French origin and means ‘healthy.'
  • FayeThe name Faye refers to mischievous fairies, who love playing pranks. It comes from the French word faie or fae.
  • Hurricane Thanks to tennis star Hurricane Black, this name has risen in popularity. In this case, it was the mischievous parents who cooked up a plan before Hurricane and her sister Tornado were born. The mother Gayle, a marketing guru, and the father Sly, a professional tennis player, anticipated a future where the sisters would grow up and take the tennis world by storm.
  • LucyLucy is a classic girl's name of Latin origin. Although it means ‘bringer of light,' it's also associated with mischief. Think Lucille Ball.
  • MatildaThe moniker Matilda is of German origin, meaning ‘strength in battle.' The name also belongs to a character in a series of books about Matilda Wormwood. Matilda is an intelligent girl who likes to read and play pranks.
  • Netsai Netsai means ‘to cause trouble' in the Shona language. Although this moniker is rarely seen outside of Africa, it's a cute name for a mischievous girl. The name Netsai is rarely used outside of Africa.
  • Peri Peri comes from the Persian word pari, which means fairy. In Middle Eastern folklore, the name is associated with a beautiful fairy-like creature who enjoys mischief.
  • Prionka – Prionka is a cute Indian name. It means ‘mischievous.'
  • Pixie name Pixie is the Irish name for fairies. These whimsical creatures are known for their naughty dispositions.
  • Quant Quant is a unique name for mischievous girls. It originates from the German language and refers to an ‘imp or prankster.' Quant is also a term used to describe mathematicians who use statistical analysis to understand behavior.
  • RavenThe Raven is a symbolic character. In many children's stories, the raven is a trickster.
  • Roxie The moniker Roxie means ‘sassy one.' It's a perfect name for a mischievous girl with a quick wit.
  • Shenzi Shenzi is a beautiful Swahili name. But it has an ugly stigma attached. Think about Shenzi the hyena, in the movie, The Lion King. She is always scheming and makes light of even the most serious situations. But she is also level-headed and never loses her cool, which are admirable traits in any mischievous tot.
  • Tempest The name Tempest indicates that you're going to have one mischievous girl on your hands. It is of English origin, meaning storm.
  • Trixie Trixie is a name associated with fun and mischief. It's an American name that means ‘bringer of joy,' so you can bet your daughter will have a few tricks stashed away.
  • Tambudzai If you want to make sure your girl stands out in a crowd, name her Tambudzai. This South African girl's name has a nice ring to it, but it means to ‘make trouble.'
  • Valayi – Every family needs at least one naughty one in the bunch, so why
    Valayi? This feminine Indian name means mischievous.
  • Yuktasri Yuktasri is a feminine name of Indian origin. It means ‘brilliant, naughty.

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