There's something intriguing about a coy little one. They may keep you on your toes, but then again, there's beauty in always having some action going on. Capture the adventure of such a child by giving your little one one of these baby names that mean mischievous. From Blaze to Cannon to Loki and beyond, each is delightful and unique. Take a look!

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  • AveryThe moniker Avery refers to a ‘ruler of elves.' Often he leads others into mischief. The name is suitable for boys and girls and has risen steadily since the 1990s.
  • Blaze Blaze is a genderless name for a mischievous spitfire. It is the American version of the French name Blaise.
  • Brazen Brazen is a gender-neutral name meaning ‘bold and without shame,' one of the many traits of a mischievous child. It's of English origin.
  • Cannon In addition to its association with clergy and biblical texts, Cannon has explosive connotations. It comes from the Gaelic surname that means ‘wolf cub,’ an animal known for its crafty nature. Alternate spellings include Canon and Kannon.
  • Csintalan The letters cs at the beginning may cause people to mispronounce CHEEN-taw-lawn. This unisex name comes from the Hungarian surname and means ‘mischievous' or ‘naughty.'
  • EmberParents should keep an eye out for kids named Ember. Like a slow-burning flame that never seems to go out, a mischievous child only needs a little stimulation to get the brain to plot out the next prank. This gender-neutral name is of British origin.
  • Hu’eu of Hawaiian origin. It is a genderless name that means ‘naughty’ or ‘mischievous.’
  • HarleyHarley is derived from Old English and means “hare’s meadow.” But between the motorcycle brand and Harley Quinn's character, it has come to symbolize ‘a brave person with a few tricks up the sleeve.'
  • Hermes The name Hermes has not always been associated with luxury handbags. In Greek mythology, Hermes is a ‘god of trickery.'
  • Iniko Iniko is a fitting name for kids who constantly find themselves in trouble. It’s a gender-neutral name of Nigerian origin that means ‘time of trouble.’
  • Jett Jett may appear like an unlikely name for a mischievous child, but when you think about running behind this fast rascal, it makes sense. The name also refers to someone with a ‘quick wit.'
  • Kaylus Kaylus is a perfect name for a mischievous boy or girl. It is of English origin and means ‘troublemaker.'
  • Kitsune Kitsune is an adorable Japanese name. It means ‘fox,’ a sign of intelligence and mischief.
  • Kolohe A clever take on the name Khloe, Kolohe means ‘mischief or naughty.' It has Hawaiian origins and is suitable for boys or girls.
  • Lark From Old English, a Lark is a small bird that symbolizes carefree fun. Lark also means to ‘behave mischievously.'
  • LokiThe name Loki is genderless. It is of Scandinavian origin and means ‘trickster.' In Norse mythology and the Marvel Avengers series, Loki is charming, intelligent, and mischievous.
  • Makalo You'll need to stay alert with a tot named Makalo. This gender-neutral name is fitting for a mischievous child. It is of Hawaiian origin and means ‘full of surprises.'
  • Mashaka Mashaka means ‘trouble,' making it a suitable name for a mischievous child. This unisex moniker has African origins.
  • Prett The moniker Prett originates from the Old English word and surname praetig. Prett refers to a ‘crafty individual.'
  • Rebel Rebel is a unisex name that points to a ‘person who likes to break the rules.' The name has Old French and Latin roots.
  • Rowdy – This American name first appeared on the radar in 1959 when Clint Eastwood played Rowdy Yates in the television series Rawhide. As a name, it refers to a ‘wild and unruly' person, making it fitting for males and females.
  • Ryatt Wyatt has increased in popularity each year since 2006. A blend of Wyatt and Ryan, it's a stylized version of Riot.
  • Storm The name Storm works as a feminine or masculine moniker. It originates from the Old English language and refers to severe weather that leaves a path of destruction, much like the trail your little whirlwind will leave behind.
  • StrykerStryker comes from the German surname, Streicher, which means ‘tester.' So, it's only natural that a child named Stryker will test your patience with his mischievous pranks.
  • Tracy Tracy is the perfect name for a naughty boy or girl. It has Gallo-Roman and Ancient Greek origins and refers to someone who likes to ‘stir up trouble.' It also refers to a person with extreme courage and confidence.

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