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Harley is a delightful unisex baby name. Famous as part of the brand name Harley-Davidson, Harley also has a permanent place in popular culture. Harley Diaz is the protagonist on Disney's Stuck in the Middle, and Harley Quinn is one of the most memorable villains in the DC Comics universe. As a location name, Harley Street is one of London's most prominent locales for specialty medicine. Keep reading to learn more about this name.

Meaning and Origin of the Name Harley:

Harley originates from the Old English words hara (meaning “hare”) and leah (meaning “woodland,” “clearing,” or “field”). The name Harley means “hare's meadow.” The name is believed to have come from the Shropshire and West Yorkshire areas of Britain. It has been popular as a masculine name since 1880, but is now considered a gender-neutral name.

Symbolism of the Name Harley:

Harley derives from an Old English phrase that means “hare's meadow.” The symbol for Harley is the jackrabbit.

Harley baby name meaning and origin

Style of the Name Harley:


Gender of the Name Harley:

Harley is a great name for both boys and girls.

Pronunciation of the Name Harley:


Number of Syllables in the Name Harley:


Emotion Evoked from the Name Harley:

The name Harley evokes feelings of openness and freedom.

Alternative Spellings for the Name Harley:

  • Harlee
  • Harleigh
  • Harly

Nicknames for the Name Harley:

Popularity of the Name Harley:

According to the Social Security Administration index, Harley was the 291st most popular baby girl name in 2020. Harley was the 781st most popular baby boy name in 2020.

Great Middle Names for Harley and Their Meanings:

  • Antonia (priceless)
  • Chelsea (limestone landing place)
  • Danielle (God is my judge)
  • Emelia (industrious)
  • Ezra (help)
  • Phillip (friend of horses)
  • Ramona (protective advisor)
  • Ross (headland, cape)
  • Solomon (peace)
  • Vivek (wisdom, knowledge)

Famous People with the Name Harley:

  • Harley Lee Allen (country singer)
  • Harley Hugh Dillinger (baseball player)
  • Harley Francis Flanagan (musician)
  • Harley Eugene Knox (politician)
  • Harley Jane Kozak (actress)
  • Harley Raymond McCollum (football player)
  • Harley Leland Race (wrestler)
  • Harley Fiona Riley (voice actress)
  • Harley Marques Silva (volleyball player)
  • Harley Edward Streten (disc jockey)
  • Harley Davidson Cooper (character on the soap opera Guiding Light)
  • Harley Diaz (protagonist on Disney's Stuck in the Middle)
  • Harley Hartwell (character in the Cased Closed anime series)
  • Harley Quinn (DC Comics super villain)
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