This list of girl names that mean rabbit is filled with a rich selection of feminine and playful options. Some names literally mean rabbit, while others are more loosely related to this soft and lovable animal. Explore the options and consider any of these names as winning monikers for your daughter. Take a look!

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  • Alice – The story of Alice in Wonderland has Alice taking a magical adventure down the rabbit hole where she meets a white rabbit. She is loving, gentle, courteous, and curious. In German, Alice means ‘noble.'
  • Alula Alula is a playful name that will hop into your heart. It is of Arabic origin and means ‘first leap.'
  • AnastasiaIn Eastern Europe, Anastasia remains a top female moniker. It comes from a Greek word for rebirth, which is also one of the symbols for a rabbit.
  • AprilApril is associated with springtime and bunnies leaping through the grass. Avril is the French version of this name.
  • Beatrix- is the first name of the author who created the Peter Rabbit series. The name means ‘bringer of joy.'
  • Bernice Girls named Bernice often get nicknamed Bunny. Bernice means ‘one who brings victory.’
  • Chang'e Chang’e is a Chinese moon goddess, often pictured floating around a moon with a rabbit. She’s celebrated each year during the Mid-Autumn Festival.
  • Coella Coella is a feminine name of Latin origin. It means ‘rabbit.’
  • DaisyThe name Daisy represents joy and innocence. It’s a lovely English name for your angelic baby.
  • Felicia Felicia is a Spanish moniker. It has Latin roots and means ‘lucky.’
  • HaileyHailey is a sweet name with a fun vibe. The moniker has roots in several languages, including Scottish and Dutch. It means ‘hay's meadow,' associating it with a place rabbits like to explore. There are at least a half dozen spelling variations of this name.
  • Harlene Harlene is a the feminine form of Harlan. It comes from Old English, and refers to a ‘land with many hares.'
  • HazelHazel is a beautiful name for a girl with rare colored eyes. The name comes from Old English haesel, which refers to a hazelnut tree. In the Harry Potter series, Hazel is an animagus, whose alter ego is a rabbit. Instead of hopping around like most rabbits, Hazel just likes to relax.
  • JosephineThe name Josephine currently sits on the Top 100 list of names for girls. It also happens to belong to the fictional character Josephine Rabbit. She is the loving mother of Peter Rabbit, and his siblings, Cotton-Tail, Flopsy, and Mopsy.
  • JudyJudy is the short form of Judith. The name points to optimism and persistence. Think about the fictional character Judy Hopps, known for a cheery disposition and relentless pursuit to make the world a better place. Author Judy Blume and musician Juice Newton (born Judy Kay) bear this name.
  • Lapisi Lapisi is a cute female name. It originates from the Tongan language and means ‘rabbit.’
  • LilyLily is an English name from the Latin Lilium. Besides representing innocence and purity, it’s one of the many flowers rabbits love to eat.
  • Lulu Lulu is a female name with roots in several languages. The Native American form means ‘rabbit.’
  • Miffy Miffy comes from the Dutch word konijntje, which translates to ‘small bunny.' Miffy is also a rabbit in Dutch children's books.
  • Muyal If you’re looking for a unique name, consider Muyal. It’s a name given to girls in Tamil-speaking communities that means ‘rabbit.'
  • PoppyPoppy is another girl's name that refers to flowers rabbits like to snack on. It is of Latin origin and refers to the red petals of the plant, which are also a symbol of remembrance and peace.
  • Renatta In Asian folklore, the rabbit symbolizes rebirth. The Latin name Renatta means ‘reborn.'
  • Rini In Japanese, Rini is a feminine moniker, meaning ‘rabbit' or ‘little smiling bunny.' The name also has Indian roots.
  • Sadiya Rabbits are said to bring good fortune, and so does the name Sadiya. This Arabic origin name means ‘lucky.'
  • Ukaleq Ukaleq is a Native American name. Pronounced oo-KAH-lehk, it means ‘hare from the Arctic.' Though it is rare in the U.S., the name is popular in Greenland.
  • Yon Yon is a female name from the Burmese language, meaning ‘rabbit.' It also has roots in Korean and translates to ‘lotus blossom.'

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