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There are many different varieties of the baby name Hailey, all of which are on the most popular list of the Social Security Index. The most popular of all of the variations, however, is the spelling of Hailey. This name began as a clan's name, but it is now one of the most popular first names for girls that has a youthful spirit about it.

Meaning of the name Hailey:

English: from the hay clearing, hay's meadow

Origin of the name Hailey:

The name Hailey began as a clan name in historical England and Scotland. The name was meant to represent those clans that were from the hay meadow, as the meaning points out.

Symbolism of the name Hailey:

Since the baby name Hailey started as a clan's name, it makes sense that it means from the hay's meadow or clearing. This would be where those clans were from in historical Scotland and England.

Hailey baby name meaning and origin

Style of the name Hailey:

The baby name Hailey is modern as a first name and traditional as a clan's name.

Gender of the name Hailey:

The gender of the baby name Hailey is primarily female, but is sometimes used for boys.

Pronunciation of the name Hailey:


Number of syllables in the name Hailey:

There are two syllables in the baby name Hailey.

Emotion evoked from the name Hailey:

Hailey feels very young and free. It has a simplicity to it that makes it feel youthfully without being childish or immature.

Alternative spellings for the name Hailey:

Nicknames for the name Hailey:

Popularity of the name Hailey:

The name Hailey has only been on the Popularity Index since 1982 at number 895. The name entered the top 100 list in 1996, then entered the top 50 list in 2000. The name is back on the top 100 list now though at number 81 as of the year 2020.

Related names for the name Hailey:

Great middle names for Hailey and their meanings:

  • Brie (marshland)
  • Blake (black, pale, white)
  • Brooke (water, small stream)
  • Ray (counsel, protection)
  • Elyse (my God is abundance)
  • Nicole (people of victory)

Famous people with the name Hailey:

  • Hailey Baldwin (professional model)
  • Hailey Clauson (professional model)
  • Hailey Hatred (professional wrestler)
  • Hailey Nelson (actress, “Meta Runner”)
  • Hailey Duke (Olympic skier)
  • Hailey Medina (actress, “CollegeHumor Originals”)

Haileys in popular culture:

  • Hailey Nichol (character on “The O.C.”)
  • Hailey Doyle (character on “New Year's Eve”)
  • Hailey Rutledge (character in “Mozart in the Jungle”)
  • Hailey (character on “The Other Kingdom”)
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