From Cashmere to Satin, each of these baby names that mean rabbit literally refer to the animal or give nod to it. Explore these options — for both boys and girls — and find a delightful baby name for your little one!

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  • AngelFor those who believe rabbits bring good luck, Angel makes a fitting name. Not only does it mean ‘messenger of God,’ the name itself brings comfort and joy.
  • ArlenArlen is a gender-neutral name you don’t hear often. Still, it’s a solid choice. It has Irish and Greek roots and refers to a ‘place filled with rabbits.'
  • AshAsh is the short form of Ashley or Asher. It’s a unisex name of Old English and Irish origins. The name also describes a ‘small, rare rabbit found in North America.'
  • Bunny Bunny is another way to say ‘small rabbit.' In French, it means ‘nice.' The moniker is short for dozens of feminine names. Also, musicians Bunny Berigan, Bunny Wailer, and Bunny DeBarge share this name.
  • Cashmere Besides a type of fabric, Cashmere is a genderless moniker that refers to a ‘rabbit species with long, dense fur.' The name itself derives from the Hindi name Kashmir.
  • ChristianThe name Christian has Latin roots. It’s a suitable choice for parents who believe rabbits symbolize the resurrection of Christ.
  • Clover Clovers and rabbits are considered good luck. Plus, rabbits love to eat these leafy greens. Clover is also the name of a Disney character, Clover the Rabbit. The name derives from the Old English word clafre (wildflower).
  • Dawa In Asian cultures, it is said that a rabbit's shadow forms on the dark side of the moon. Dawa is a Tibetan name that symbolizes the mythical ‘moon hare.' This moniker is generally given to children born on a Monday.
  • HarleyMost people think of a motorcycle when they hear the name Harley. But this cool name refers to a ‘hare who loves grass meadows.'
  • HenleyHenley is a gender-fluid name that means ‘high field,' a place where rabbits love to frolic. It's an English origin name.
  • Holland- is a small rabbit found in the United States and the United Kingdom. It's a unisex name of Dutch origin, meaning ‘woodlands.'
  • Hop Hop seems like an obvious choice for parents looking for bunny names. It has origins in Vietnamese and Chinese. In English, the name refers to one of the rabbit’s favorite moves. There’s also a dance called the bunny hop.
  • Hopper Another moniker symbolizing a rabbit's movement, Hopper means ‘leaper.' The gender-neutral name became popular when Sean Penn and Robin Wright gave the name to their son.
  • Jersey Jersey is a type of rabbit and a gender-neutral moniker. It comes from the French word Guernsey, which is a type of fabric. The name also refers to a grassy island and a northeastern state in the U.S.
  • Jearim If you’re hoping for a less common name, Jearim fits the bill. This unisex name has Hebrew roots and means ‘leap.' Variations include Jeareem and Jeaream.
  • Kani Kani means ‘rabbit’ in Finnish. It’s a rare unisex name that also has Hawaiian roots.
  • MeadowA meadow is a perfect place for rabbits to roam. This nature name is of English origin and is generally given to girls.
  • Sable The name Sable refers to a rabbit with a dark tail, nose, feet, and ears. It has Balto-Slavic origins.
  • Satin Satin is a nonbinary name and a rabbit breed. The name derives from the Old French word sate, and refers to a material that is smooth, soft, shiny, and delicate.
  • Shashi The gender-neutral moniker Shashi has Sanskrit origins. It refers to a ‘hare' or ‘moon.' In Indian cultures, an image of a rabbit is often depicted on the moon.
  • Tochtli Tochtli is an Aztec name that means ‘rabbit.' It also refers to a day on the Aztec calendar used to celebrate a rabbit-like figure and commune with nature.
  • Ugalik Ugalik is a unisex name meaning ‘arctic hare.' It is of Inuit origin.
  • Usagi Pronounced oo-sa-gyee, this name means ‘rabbit of the moon’ in Japanese. It's a unisex name primarily given to females.
  • Zajac Zajac is a Polish surname. It's also an adorable name for a male or female, meaning ‘hare.'
  • Zeka The name Zeka has roots in several languages. In Hebrew, it means ‘remembered by God.' In Croatian, the moniker means ‘bunny.'

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