Most people are attracted to individuals demonstrating a gentle and kind nature. Numerous cultures and languages have adopted names celebrating such attributes. If you'd like to honor these qualities through your child, check out this list of baby names that mean gentle and find the right name for your little one.

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  • Adiv Adiv is a title bestowed upon newborn boys and girls. In Hebrew, the moniker recognizes delicateness.
  • Mayu This gender-neutral name holds Japanese origins. In this Asian tongue, Mayu means gentleness. Language historians maintain that the denomination also honors excellence.
  • Kellman The designation Kellman first gained notoriety in Hungary. When translated from Hungarian, the honorific awarded to males and females celebrates gentle persons.
  • Damario Damario is a unisex offering. In Greek, the title salutes gentleness.
  • Nariko Moms and Dads of Japanese extraction or those fond of said nation’s language and culture might designate a newborn baby Nariko. In English, the moniker means gentle child.Kevin – Kevin is a name given to newborn boys. In the Celtic language, it represents gentleness. In addition, the denomination enjoys other acceptable spellings.
  • Maru Persons from Polynesia may opt to title a newborn daughter Maru. When interpreted into English, the offering recognizes gentleness.
  • Tuan Tuan is a Vietnamese title awarded to boys. In said tongue, the moniker honors gentlemen.
  • Ines The denomination Ines’s roots sprouted in the Hispanic culture. In Spanish, Ines means gentle. Moreover, the name can be spelled using different letter combinations and has been embraced throughout the world.
  • Kliment Russian parents might bestow the title Kliment on an infant son. Language experts maintain that the denomination celebrates gentleness and kindness.
  • MeganMegan is a prominent feminine designation. It possesses English, Celtic, and Gaelic origins and means gentle and soft. One famous current bearer is actress Megan Fox.
  • Sadat Historians suggest that the Muslim faith begat the male name Sadat. It means gentleman. That said, language professionals also argue that the moniker salutes masters. Furthermore, the offering is a surname held most notably by assassinated Egyptian President Anwar Sadat.
  • Wan Daughters born to Chinese mothers and fathers might receive the title Wan. In various Chinese dialects, the denomination recognizes gentle subjects. However, language experts also argue that the name recognizes graciousness.
  • Daman This designation boasts Greek heritage. When translated from that language, Daman translates into the expression gentle to tame. The offering is also a variant of Damian.
  • HelenThis classic and respected title is bestowed upon females. In Greek, the honorific celebrates gentleness. However, it also means elegant, cultured, and light. One of its more honored current holders is Academy Award-winning actress Helen Mirren.
  • GarethThis title was born in Wales. In Welsh, Gareth salutes gentle souls. In addition, the name can be spelled other ways. A celebrated possessor is Welsh-born soccer star Gareth Bale.
  • Anana Anana is a girl’s name. In Swahili, it honors those who are soft and gentle.
  • Clarence This old-fashioned boy’s name holds Latin origins. In said tongue, Clarence means gentle. That said, language professionals claim that the title also salutes brightness. A famous holder is the late saxophonist Clarence Clemons.
  • Shu Chinese mothers and fathers might choose to denominate an infant girl Shu. The title recognizes gentleness and kindness.
  • JonahThis Hebrew moniker is given to boys. In English, Jonah honors those displaying gentleness and forgiveness.
  • Malinda Malinda is a feminine title handed down to girls. In Greek, the offering recognizes gentle persons. Additionally, the denomination can be spelled using different letter combinations.
  • Ninad The roots of this masculine honorific were planted in India. In various Indian dialects, Ninad salutes subjects possessing gentle souls.
  • MirandaThe universally popular female moniker Miranda possesses Latin ancestry. In English, it means gentle. That said, some argue that the moniker also translates into the phrase person to be admired. A celebrated holder is Academy Award-nominated actress Miranda Richardson.
  • Aghor This male-intended honorific owes its existence to the Hindu faith. Language experts maintain that Aghor symbolizes those bearing gentle natures.
  • Clarice Clarice is a female designation. In its native English, the title represents gentleness. However, bright, shining, clear, and famous are also acceptable definitions. Many remember that the offering is the first name of the character portrayed by Jodie Foster in the critically acclaimed film The Silence of the Lambs.

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