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Miranda was huge during the 1990s — spending most of the decade on the list of the top 100 baby names for girls — and while it has fallen back some on the list, it remains a beloved choice for new parents. It's pretty and poetic without sounding tired or outdated, and it has a cool literary history. You'll find that the baby name also comes with an array of cute nicknames.

Meaning and Origin of the name Miranda:

Miranda is a girl's name of Latin origin meaning “worthy of admiration.”

The name Miranda was derived from the Latin word mirandus (meaning “admirable”) and the Latin verb miror (meaning “to admire”). Shakespeare created the name in the 17th century to use in his play “The Tempest.”

Symbolism of the name Miranda:

Miranda is often associated with Shakespeare since he was the first person to use it as a given name. In “The Tempest,” Miranda was a beautiful and innocent teenage girl. New parents may see the name as a literary symbol or a symbol of innocence.

Nicknames for the name Miranda:

Miranda is an adorable girl's name with an array of equally adorable nicknames. Choosing a nickname is an important decision. Luckily, Miranda has many options. Check out the list below of cute nicknames for Miranda.

Baby name Miranda

Style of the name Miranda:

Modern in the United States with historic literary roots

Gender of the name Miranda:

Miranda is a girl's name.

Pronunciation of the name Miranda:


Number of syllables in the name Miranda:


Emotion evoked from the name Miranda:

The name Miranda evokes images of beauty and innocence.

Alternative spellings for the name Miranda:

  • Maranda 
  • Meranda
  • Mirranda
  • Moranda
  • Muranda

Popularity of the name Miranda:

Miranda first made the list of the top 1,000 baby names for girls in the United States in 1957. As of 2020, it ranks at number 542, according to the Social Security Administration.

Great middle names for Miranda and their meanings:

Famous people with the name Miranda:

  • Miranda Hobbes (character on the TV show “Sex in the City”)
  • Miranda (character on the TV show “Dr. Who”)
  • Miranda Bailey (character on the TV show “Grey's Anatomy”)
  • Miranda Goshawk (character in the “Harry Potter” book series)
  • Miranda Hillard (character from the movie “Mrs. Doubtfire”)
  • Miranda Montgomery (character on the soap opera “All My Children”)
  • Miranda(character in the book and movie “The Devil Wears Prada”)
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