A brand-new baby is one of the purest joys in life. Celebrate the delightful nature of this milestone by bestowing upon your daughter one of these girl names that mean unexpected joy. From Beatrix to Blythe and beyond, each is more attractive than the next!

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  • Aleeza Aleeza means a daughter who is joyful among others. It is more popular in Jewish cultures than in others.
  • Aliza Freyde was a Yiddish name that translates to joy or unexpected joy. This name later became Aliza among modern Jewish families.
  • AnnabelleAnnabelle is a beautiful girl's name that has American roots. Not only does the name mean joy, but it closely relates to the name Annabella.
  • Aoife is a cute name that means someone who radiates joy. This name has English roots and is a version of Eva.
  • BeatriceBeatrice is an older name with English roots that means happy and joyful. William Shakespeare introduced the name in one of his plays.
  • Beatrix Popular with fans of the Harry Potter franchise, Beatrix was also the first name of children's author Beatrix Potter. Beatrix means someone who brings joy to others.
  • Bliss Used in different parts of the United States, Bliss is a fun and cute name. Parents will find that it translates to someone who is happy and joyful.
  • Blythe The name Blythe means someone who is joyful and cheerful but can also stand for happiness. Blythe Danner is a popular actress and the mother of Gwyneth Paltrow.
  • Chara Chara is an old name found in Greek mythology. Not only does it mean joy, but the name is an alternative to Charlotte.
  • Dita Dita is a name that means prosperous and stands for the joy a daughter brings to her family. This name has Albanian origins.
  • Eurora The Aboriginal people used this term to describe a joyful experience. It changed from a slang term to a girl's name over the years.
  • FarrahFarrah is one of the few African names for girls that means joy or unexpected joy. One of the stars of Teen Mom has the same name, which some spell Farra.
  • FelicityFelicity is an older name that means a child who brings joy and fortune to her loved ones. The name became popular after h character on the show Arrow.
  • Frayda Popular among Jewish families, Frayda means a joyful or cheerful girl. Other spellings include Fraida and Freida.
  • Geila Originally spelled Gila, Geila is a Hebrew name that means unexpected joy. It is also the name of a large reptile that is native to Mexico.
  • Hani Hani is an adorable name that means joy. Though Hani has Hawaiian roots, it is popular in other cultures.
  • Joie Joie is a girl's name that translates to joy in French. There are a few celebrities who spell their first names this way.
  • Jovie Fans of the popular Christmas film Elf know Jovie as the name of one of its characters. Jovie means joyful and has other spellings such as Jovita and Jovanna.
  • Kalea Kalae means both someone who shares joy and someone filled with joy. This name comes from the Hawaiian culture.
  • LaticiaOriginally found in Latin writings, Laticia also has English roots. Laticia simply means joy.
  • LetaLeta is a trendy name used in America that means joyful and glad or happy. This name began in Greece and was the name of an emperor's wife.
  • Nayo The name Nayo means unexpected joy and joyful. This name became popular among Africans living in the United States.
  • PhyliciaPhylicia is the name of a popular American actress that means both joy and someone who is fortunate. It is also spelled Felicia and has Greek roots.
  • Rena Rena is a Hebrew name that stands on its own and serves as a nickname for the longer name Irene. Another spelling of this name that means joyful is Rina.
  • Ronia Hebrews used the name Ronia to describe a female child who was filled with joy. Ronja and Roniya are alternative spellings of this name.
  • Winifred Used in Old English, Winifred means a happy and joyful girl. Freddie and Winnie are some of the nicknames attached to it.

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