To raise a child who appreciates the joy life brings is such a gift. Instill that appreciation in your little one from day one by giving them one of these baby names that mean happiness. Each brings a positive vibe, ensuring everyone they meet throughout life will enjoy the opportunity to do so. Take a look!

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  • Sunny The name Sunny is a word name that literally means “sunny.” However, it's got a happy connotation that takes you out to a beautiful sunny day.
  • Farah Used for girls more than boys, Farah is an Arabic unisex name. It's thought to mean “happiness, joy, glee, and rejoice.”
  • Hilary In the modern United States, Hilary is largely thought of as a name for girls, but it's actually been quite common for both sexes throughout the centuries. The name is derived from the Latin word “hilaris,” which means cheerful.
  • CarolCarol is another name that was used for boys for decades, but around the 1920s, it became more beloved for girls. It's an English word name, and it can also be a Christmas holiday name. It means “joyous or happy song.”
  • WynnWynn can be a surname or a given name for boys or girls. It has been associated with several meanings, including “joy.” Some believe it also means “pure” or “friend.”
  • GailThroughout the 20th century, Gail was quite popular for baby boys and girls. The given name is most likely derived from Abigail, and means “my father's joy.”
  • Happy Word names are becoming more and more popular, especially when they have a positive meaning, and Happy is no exception. It works for both boys and girls. The meaning is right there in the name.
  • Hani Hani is a Hawaiian name that means “joyful.” While it's most common for girls, it's also sometimes used for baby boys.
  • Rafa Rafa is an Arabic name that means “happiness” and “prosperity.” While it's usually a girls' name, it can also be a shortened form of Rafael for boys.
  • 0Ilaria Ilaria is an Italian version of Hilary. Like Hilary, it means “cheerful.”
  • Jacey Jacey has been used for boys and girls, though it's more common for girls. It's thought to be derived from the Latin name Gaius, which means “happy” and “jolly.” It was quite popular during the 1990s and 2000s.
  • Winnie Winnie is a shortened form of Winifred, an English feminine name. However, it's sometimes used for boys — think Winnie the Pooh. It means “joy,” “peace,” and “friend.”
  • Jovie Jovie is a modern name that hasn't been around, but it can be a shortened form of the word “jovial.” Jovial means “cheerful” and “friendly.”
  • Faegan Faegan's exact origin is unknown, but it most likely has Irish or English origins. It means “joyful” and “passionate.”
  • Jolly Like Happy and Sunny, Jolly is a word name, and the meaning is right there in the name. Any baby with this name is likely to have a jolly personality.
  • Ilarion Ilarion is yet another version of Hilary. This is a Russian form that's more common for boys, but it's used for girls too. It also means “cheerful.”
  • Yuki Yuki a Japanese baby name that's common for both boys and girls. It means “happy.” It can also mean “snow,” depending on which characters are used when writing it.
  • EdenEden is more common for girls these days, but throughout history, it's been used for girls and boys. Of course, it dates back to the Bible and the Garden of Eden. It means “place of pleasure and delight.”
  • Gae Gae is something of a word name. It's derived from “gay.” The English name means “cheerful.”
  • KayKay is used more for girls in modern times, but throughout history, it's been a boys' name as well. It has Latin and Welsh backgrounds and means “happy and rejoicing.”
  • Raine Raine can be an alternative spelling to the word name Rain, but it's also an old Latin name that means “he/she is singing,” which is meant to give it a happy connotation. In French-speaking cultures, it can also mean “queen.”
  • Simcha Simcha is a Hebrew name that's becoming increasingly popular in the United States for both boys and girls. It means “happiness,” “joy,” and “gladness.”
  • Tarub Tarub is a name often used in Muslim cultures. It's more common for boys, but it can be used for girls too. The name means “merry” and “lively.”
  • AshAsh is a shortened form of Asher. While Asher is typically a name for boys, Ash works well for boys and girls. The name's biblical background gives it a “happy” meaning.
  • Ahuiliztli This Aztec name can be used for girls or boys. It means “happiness” and “joy,” as well as “bringer of joy.”

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