Few things are as delightful as the birth of a newborn baby. Celebrate this elation by giving your child one of these baby names that mean unexpected joy. From Eden to Maddox and beyond, these baby names for both boys and girls are each beautiful and worthy of consideration. Take a look!

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  • AbigailAbigail is a classic name found in the Old Testament of the Bible. The name means the source of a father's joy or mother's joy and connects to the nicknames Abby and Abbie.
  • Alaia Alaia began as a Persian last name but later became a popular first name. It is a trendy girl's name in the United States and means both happy and joyful along with someone who brings joy to others.
  • AshAsh is a unisex name that means both happiness and joy. Though Ash has Hebrew roots, it also serves as a nickname for Ashley.
  • Bea An alternate spelling of Beatrix, Bea is a cute name for girls. Bea means a girl who brings joy and happiness to her loved ones and was the name of Golden Girls' actress Bea Arthur.
  • Behati A unique name that means joy or unexpected joy, Behati also means someone who brings or shares joy. This name comes from Africa.
  • Cayo Cayo is a unique name that describes the joys and blessings a family receives. An alternate spelling of this name is Caio.
  • Denish Though similar to the name Dennis, Denish is a boy's name that stands for both happiness and joy. It is popular among families who have English roots.
  • EdenThis name represents the unexpected delight of a new child. While is it the male version of Edith, Eden is also a cute girl's name.
  • GailGail is a unisex name that means both joy and pleasant or jovial. An alternate spelling is Gale, which was the name of a male character from The Hunger Games.
  • Gweneth Gweneth is a girl's name that can mean unexpected joy or blessing. Some spell this Welsh name as Gwyneth.
  • Helga The girl's name Helga stands for the joy and fortune that a daughter brings. Helga has both Scandanavian and German roots.
  • Jevin Jevin is a unique boy's name that means brave and joyful. This name has Indian roots and is an alternative to the standard name Kevin.
  • JoyParents looking for a name that means joy can't go wrong with this one. Joy is a girl's name that has both Latin and French roots.
  • JoyceAn alternative to Joy, Joyce is a girl's name that can also be a boy's name. Joyce was the last name of author James Joyce and means someone filled with joy.
  • Jubilee The girl's name Jubilee stands for the joy and excitement of a new daughter. It was also the name of a popular X-Men character.
  • Keyes Keyes is a boy's name that means someone who causes others to rejoice. Also spelled Key, it is a Hebrew name.
  • Letitia Letitia is a popular girl's name because it means joy and has several different spellings. This name is quite popular among younger parents.
  • MaddoxThe name Maddox means joyful and fortunate. This name has Welsh roots and gained fame when Angelina Jolie chose it for one of her sons.
  • MaeveOriginally used in Ireland, Maeve means a daughter who helps others to feel joy. It was also the name of a former queen of the country.
  • Revel Revel means someone who brings joy and causes others to rejoice. Used for both boys and girls, the unisex name is popular in the United States.
  • Ronli Joy is mine is the translation of Ronli. This boy's name is Hebrew and works with the nickname Ron.
  • Simcha Simcha is a traditional name that means both joy and joyful. It is a unisex name but more commonly used for boys than girls.
  • Sopresa This beautiful and unique name comes from the Spanish word that means surprise. Sopresa is a unisex name that can stand for the surprising joy of a new baby.
  • Trixie Trixie gained some fans after the name of the character on the show Lucifer. This American name is an alternate to Beatrix and means someone who brings joy.
  • Ullas This unique name for boys refers to a type of joy that no one can control. It comes from India.

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