From Dagny to Antonella to Newport and beyond, each of these baby names that mean change are unique and transformative. Explore the options — for both boys and girls — and learn their meanings and origins, then find the perfect fit for your little one.

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  • Abhinav Many of the names that mean change have Indian roots such as this one. Abhinov is suitable for boys and means always new or a new day.
  • Anastasius The male form of Anastasia, Anastasius is a Greek name. A former emperor had this name, which means resurrection or rebirth.
  • Anatole Anatole France found fame as a poet during the 19th century. This French name is still popular in the country today as it is a term that refers to the morning sun.
  • AntonellaThough similar to the last name, Antonella comes from an Italian term. In Italy, the name means both the first daughter born in the family and the change she brings.
  • Ankur A unique and unusual name for boys, Ankur has Indian roots. The literal translation of the name is new life but can also mean a sprouting plant.
  • Avil Germans use the name Avil to describe a renewal. As a girl's name, Avil also shows that the family will change.
  • Ayelet Ayelet is a Hebrew name that represents the beautiful gazelle that runs wild in the morning. It began as a girl's name but is now a unisex name.
  • Dagny The name Dagny comes from Scandanavia. Though it's often a boy's name that stands for change, it became unisex after a popular female singer gained fame.
  • Eos Eos is an ancient Greek name that also served as the name of a Greek goddess. As a name, it literally stands for the goddess who oversaw the day at dawn.
  • GenesisMore popular among religious families than others, Genesis is an unusual name for girls. Genesis has Biblical origins and is the name given to that book's first chapter.
  • Ichiro Ichiro is the name of a popular baseball player from Japan, which was also where the name originated. This name means the first male child born to a family.
  • Irvin Though Irvin is not as popular today as it was before World War II, it refers to an item or person who is both new and fresh. The name Irvin has Gaelic roots.
  • Javeria This is a unique and unusual name with Spanish roots. Javeria stands for a new house and how moving brings changes to a family.
  • KadyKady is an Irish name for girls that stands for the first daughter or child. Other spellings of this name that appeared in the film Mean Girls include Cady and Cadie.
  • Kazuo Kazuo became popular after a Japanese author wrote a book that was famous enough that it became a hit film. This name comes from Japan and means first son.
  • Lola Lola is a cute name that comes from Germany. This name means a violent and bright dawn and appeared in both a hit song and animated show.
  • Navdeep The Indian name Navdeep stands for the shine that a new item has. This name can also represent the shiny feeling that a family has after bringing home a baby girl.
  • Navin Indian parents often choose the name Navin for their male children. This old name means new or change.
  • Neon Neon is a boy's name that became famous in the United States. While the name refers to the type of light of the same name, it also represents the bright and changing colors of neon lights.
  • NeomaThe Greeks used this term to refer to the new moon shown in the sky and how the moon changed between cycles. Neoma is now a girl's name.
  • Newbold Newbold is a unique name for boys that comes from an old English word. The British used this term for a building that was new or changed.
  • Newbury Similar to Newbold, Newbury has English roots. While the name refers to a new settlement, it also serves as a first or last name.
  • Newlin Parents looking for a Welsh name might choose Newlin. This old name translates to the new pond but also stands for a pond with borders or features that changed.
  • Newport Newport is another boy's name that has British and English roots. This name literally means a new port established by the water.
  • Zera Coming from a Hebrew word, Zera started as a term to describe sprout or seed. It now serves as a unisex name that shows the changes a plant goes through.

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