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Genesis has been a name that graces both baby girls and boys but it is also a popular name in other aspects as well. A very popular band featuring Phil Collins had the band name “Genesis”. A video game console that was every early gamers dream during the late 80s and early 90s was named the “Sega Genesis” in North America.

Meaning of the name Genesis:

Greek: The beginning

Origin of the name Genesis:

Ancient Greek. Genesis is of Greek and Proto-Indo-European origin. Its meaning “origin, source, beginning, nativity, generation, production, creation,” and “birth” all refer to the start point of something, typically the start of humankind.

Symbolism of the name Genesis:

Genesis typically symbolizes the start of something, its origin, beginning point, or creation.

Style of the name Genesis:


Gender of the name Genesis:

Genesis is more popular as a baby girl name but is gaining traction as a boy's name as well.

Pronunciation of the name Genesis:


Syllables in the name Genesis:


Emotion evoked from the name Genesis:

The name Genesis evokes a feeling of hope and promise.

Alternative spellings for the name Genesis:

Genesys, Genisis, Gennesis, Gennesiss Jenesis, Jenisis, Jenesys

Nicknames for the name Genesis:

Gen, Jen, Sis, Genny, Jenny

Popularity of the name Genesis:

According to the Social Security Administration index, Genesis was the 62nd most popular girl name, and the 828th most popular boy name in 2020. As a girl's name, its highest ranking was 55th most popular in 2013.

Related names for the name Genesis:

Jenesis, Hope, Nevaeh

Great middle names for Genesis and their meanings:

Famous people with the name Genesis:

Genesis in movies/pop culture:

  • Genesis (character in Marvel Comics)
  • Genesis(character in the video game “Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII”)
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