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Unique Baby Girl Names that Start With O

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Unique Baby Girl Names that Start With O

Lots of great baby girl names start with O. You're probably familiar with Olivia, since it has reigned in the top three for many years now. If you want something more unique than that, we've got you covered! Let's take a look at some of the wonderful baby girl names that start with O.

First, we'll start with the most popular baby girl names starting with O in 2023. They are:

  1. Olivia 
  2. Oakley 
  3. Oaklynn
  4. Olive 
  5. Octavia 
  6. Ophelia 
  7. Onyx
  8. Ocean 
  9. Opal 
  10. Ollie 
  11. Odette 
  12. Odessa 
  13. Oriana 
  14. Ofelia
  15. Oona
  16. October
  17. Olympia 
  18. Orilla
  19. Omega
  20. Ondina

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Just for fun, let’s take a look at the most popular baby girl names beginning with O throughout history.


Unique Baby Girl Names Starting With O in 2023

Looking for something more unique than Olivia or Oakley? We've got you! Let's take a look at 15 of the most unique and unusual O names for girls:

  1. Ofeera
  2. Odyssia
  3. Odolia
  4. Oheo
  5. Ogenya
  6. Olathe
  7. Olette
  8. Olimpe
  9. Olinia
  10. Oliveria
  11. Olwin
  12. Ondreea
  13. Omana
  14. Oneida
  15. Orane

If you don’t have your name in mind yet, don’t worry! Below we present a list of lots of baby girl names — including middle names starting with O — plus the name’s meaning and origin.

Oanez through Oksana

  • Oanez Breton
  • Oba Nigerian — An ancient river goddess.
  • Obelia Greek — A pillar or needle.
  • Octavia Latin — The eighth.
  • Oda Teutonic — Rich.
  • Odea walker by the road — Odee
  • Odelia Hebrew — I will praise God.
  • Odera Hebrew — plough
  • Odessa Greek — Along journey.
  • Odetta   — Melody.
  • Odette French — A home-lover.
  • Odile French — Riches, prosperity. From a medieval German name, and a feminine version of Otto.
  • Ofelia Spanish — To help, a helper.
  • Ofilia   — To help, a helper.
  • Ofra Hebrew — A fawn, or a lively maiden.
  • Ofrah Hebrew — A fawn, or a lively maiden.
  • Ohanna Armenian — God?s gracious gift
  • Okalani Hawaiian — From Heaven.
  • Okelani Hawaiian — from heaven
  • Oksana Russian — glory be to God

Ola through Olya

  • Ola Scandinavian — A descendant. The feminine form of Olaf.
  • Olalla Spanish — The well-spoken one.
  • Olathe Native American — Beautiful.
  • Olayinka Yoruban — honors surround me
  • Olba Aboriginal — Red ochre.
  • Olcay Turkish
  • Oleander Greek — An evergreen tree.
  • Olena Ukrainian — The light of the sun. Also see Eileen, Elaine, Eleanor and Ellen.
  • Olesia Polish — helper and defender of mankind
  • Olethea Latin — Truth.
  • Olga Russian — The holy one. The name of a 10th-century saint and the feminine form of Oleg.
  • Oliana Hawaiian — oleander
  • Olien Russian — The dear one.
  • Olinda Latin — Fragrant.
  • Olive   — An Olive tree or branch. A symbol of peace. Feminine version of Oliver.
  • Olivia Latin — An Olive tree or branch. A symbol of peace. Feminine version of Oliver.
  • Olono Aboriginal — A hill.
  • Olva   — The holy one.
  • Olwen Welsh — White or fair footprints. The name of a character in Welsh legend.
  • Olya   — The holy one.

Olympia through Ophrah

  • Olympia Latin — The heavenly one. From the home of the Gods.
  • Oma Arabic — Long-lived. The feminine form of Omar.
  • Omaka Maori — The place where the stream flows.
  • Omega Greek — The last.
  • Ona Lithuanian — Grace, or favoured by God. Form of Anne. Also see Una.
  • Onawa Native American — One who is wide-awake.
  • Ondine Latin — A water sprite.
  • Onenn Breton
  • Onida Native American — The expected or awaited one.
  • Onora Irish Gaelic — Version of Honour.
  • Onur Turkish
  • Onyx Greek — A semi-precious stone.
  • Oola Aboriginal — A red lizard.
  • Oona Irish — Also see Juno.
  • Oonagh Irish — Also see Juno.
  • Opal Sanskrit — A jewel, or precious stone.
  • Opaline French — A jewel, or precious stone.
  • Ophelia Greek — To help, a helper. A character in Shakespeare’s Hamlet.
  • Ophira Greek — gold
  • Ophrah Hebrew — A fawn, or a lively maiden.

Ora through Orlanda

  • Ora Latin/Polynesian — Latin: Light, golden. Polynesian: Life. A boy or girl’s name.
  • Oralee   — Golden.
  • Oralia   — Golden.
  • Oralie   — Golden.
  • Orana Aboriginal — The moon.
  • Orane French — rising
  • Orchid Latin — A flower name.
  • Ordelia Teutonic — The spear of the elf.
  • Orea Greek — The maid of the mountains.
  • Orelia   — Golden.
  • Orenda Iroquois Indian — magic power
  • Oriana Latin — To rise. An Italian name.
  • Orianna Latin — golden, dawning
  • Oriel   — Golden.
  • Orinda Teutonic — fire serpent
  • Oriole Latin — A golden bird.
  • Orissa   — A state in eastern India.
  • Orla Irish Gaelic — Golden. Form of Aurelia.
  • Orlan Old English — From the pointed land. A boy or girl’s name.
  • Orlanda Latin — bright sun

Orlantha through Ozora

  • Orlantha Old German — from the land
  • Orna Hebrew/Irish Gaelic — Hebrew: Light. Irish Gaelic: Pale.
  • Ornella Italian — A flowering Ash tree.
  • Orpah Hebrew — A fawn, or a lively maiden.
  • Orsa   — A female bear.
  • Orseline   — A female bear.
  • Orsola   — A female bear.
  • Ortense Italian — The garden lover.
  • Ortensia Italian — The garden lover.
  • Orvokki   — Finnish form of Violet.
  • Ottavia Italian — The eighth.
  • Ottilie   — Riches, prosperity. From a medieval German name, and a feminine version of Otto.
  • Ottoline   — Riches, prosperity. From a medieval German name, and a feminine version of Otto.
  • Ourania   — Heavenly.
  • Owena Welsh — Well-born. The feminine form of Owen.
  • Ozora Hebrew — The strength of the Lord.

Tips for Picking a Baby Name

Feeling stressed about picking the right name for your baby? Don't fret- we've got a few tips here to help you out.

Picking a name is a marathon, not a sprint. Unless you waited until the last possible minute to have the name discussion, picking a name for your baby shouldn't be a sprint. You should take your time with it and consider all of your options. This is one of the most important decisions you'll make for your baby, so it's important that you get it right.

Look to your family's history for inspiration. Perhaps you have an ancestor with a really cool name that you'll want to use for your baby. Or, perhaps there's a name that comes from your culture you'd like to use. Using your family's history as inspiration can give you a great way to connect your child to her heritage. It can also give you an opportunity to talk to them about their heritage early.

Think about the spelling and length of the name. Consider how long your child's first name will be and the number of syllables it has. Very long first names can be difficult to write and fit in forms, and very short ones may sound or look odd when written out. Baby girl names flow best when the number of syllables is different in the first name and last name.


So, there you go! A lot of baby girl names that start with O for your consideration. Hopefully you were able to find some good ones! If you're getting sick of the name issue, then definitely take a break and check out some of our other articles on parenting. We've got plenty for your perusal!

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