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Unique Baby Girl Names That Start With U

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Unique Baby Girl Names That Start With U

U is the name of the game with these baby girl names. From Uda to Uttara and everything in between, there are hundreds of girls names starting with the letter U. We have a lot of them here for you to look at, along with their origin and meaning.

Let's take a look at the most popular baby girl names starting with U in 2023:

  1. Ursule
  2. Unique 
  3. Uma
  4. Una
  5. Undine
  6. Unity
  7. Ulva
  8. Uda
  9. Urith
  10. Urbana
  11. Udella
  12. Ulani 
  13. Ursuline
  14. Udelia
  15. Ute
  16. Ulrika
  17. Urszula
  18. Ulrike
  19. Urena
  20. Ursula

Unique Baby Girl Names Starting With U

Uda through Unaiza

  • Uda Teutonic — Prosperous, rich.
  • Udaya Hindu
  • Ujjwala Hindu
  • Ula Celtic — A jewel of the sea.
  • Ulalia   — The well-spoken one.
  • Ulani Polynesian — Cheerful, light hearted.
  • Ulfhildr Scandinavian
  • Ulima Arabic — Wise, learned.
  • Ulla Aboriginal — A well.
  • Ulma Latin — Of the Elm tree.
  • Ulrika Old German, Old English — wolf ruler
  • Ulrike Teutonic/Scandinavian — The ruler of all. The feminine form of Ulrich.
  • Ultima Latin — The greatest, the most distant.
  • Ultreia Galician
  • Ulva Teutonic — A she-wolf, brave.
  • Uma Hebrew/Sanskrit — Hebrew: The nation. Sanskrit: Light, peace. Also the name of a goddess in Hindu mythology.
  • Umeko Japanese — The child of the plum blossom.
  • Umina Aboriginal — Sleep.
  • Una Irish Gaelic/Latin — Irish Gaelic: A traditional name. Latin: One. Also see Juno.
  • Unaiza Arabic

Undine through Uta

  • Undine   — A water sprite.
  • Unice   — Victorious.
  • Unity English — Oneness. From the Latin `unus’, meaning one.
  • Unnati Hindu — progress
  • Unni Norse — modest
  • Urania Greek — Heavenly.
  • Urbana Latin — Courteous, belonging to the city.
  • Uriana Greek — the unknown
  • Urmila Hindu — wife of Lakshmana
  • Ursala   — Female bear.
  • Ursanne Old French
  • Ursell Cornish — From the bottom of the hill.
  • Ursula Latin — A female bear.
  • Urvasi Hindu — most beautiful of Apsaras
  • Usagi Japanese — moon
  • Uschi German — A female bear.
  • Usha Sanskrit — The dawn.
  • Ushma Hindu
  • Usoa Basque
  • Uta German — fortunate maid of battle

Utah through Uttara

  • Utah   — The name of an American State. A boy or girl’s name.
  • Ute Teutonic — Prosperity, fortunate, rich.
  • Utina Native American — A woman of my country.
  • Uttara Hindu — mother of Pariksit

Tips for Naming Your Daughter

Picking a name for your baby is one of the most important things you'll ever do for your child. She'll have to live with this name for at least the first eighteen years of her life, so make sure you pick a good name. Consider these tips when thinking about names:

Different types of personalities are often associated with specific names. This is especially true if there is a celebrity associated with that name. Many names carry positive emotions when comparing the name with a person, but sometimes they evoke the negative traits of scariness, laziness, or troublemakers. Think about who or what you associate different baby girl names with when choosing for your baby.

Be careful when naming your baby after a family member. While this might sound like a great idea in theory, in practice it can be a little complicated. Some family members may get upset that you named your daughter after one person and not them. You don't need family drama complicating what's supposed to be a happy time for you and your partner. If you want to go with a family name, consider looking back into your family tree for inspiration instead of to someone living.

Consider how the name will be received. In an ideal world, nobody would make fun of another for their name. Unfortunately, that's not the world we live in. If your child has a particularly unusual or outlandish name, they will be picked on by other children. They may also face discrimination on college applications or in the workforce. Try to go for a name that's unique, but not too exotic or odd. If you're unsure of how a name will be perceived, try asking neutral parties what they think of the name. If you get an uncertain or negative reaction, pick a different name.

Don't pick a name that's hard to spell. Your child will be expected to spell their own name properly by the time they are in kindergarten. Ideally, they should be able to spell it properly sooner than that. If you give your child a difficult name to spell, they'll struggle in school and may fall behind their peers in this area. Try to avoid including a lot of silent letters in your child's name. In addition, avoid any names that are incredibly long.

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