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Unique Baby Girl Names That Start With Q

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Unique Baby Girl Names That Start With Q

Looking for a really unique or unusual name? Then you're in the right place! Q names truly stand out among all the others. If you want your baby girl to have a name that separates her from the crowd, we've got you. Let's check out some of the most popular and the most unique baby girl names starting with Q.


First we'll start with the most popular baby girl names starting with Q in 2023. They are:

  1. Quinn 
  2. Quincy
  3. Quentin 
  4. Queen 
  5. Quest
  6. Quella
  7. Quinlan 
  8. Queta
  9. Quetzalli
  10. Quenna
  11. Quita
  12. Quana
  13. Queenie 
  14. Quentina
  15. Quinna
  16. Quintana
  17. Querida
  18. Quintessa 
  19. Quilla
  20. Quiana

Let's take a look at what other names are about as popular as Quinn.


Just for fun, let’s take a look at the most popular baby girl names beginning with Q throughout history.


Unique Baby Girl Names Starting With Q in 2023

There are a lot of very unique girl names that start with Q. Let's take a look at 15 of them:

  1. Qeleigh
  2. Qeturah
  3. Quetzal
  4. Quenbie
  5. Quimoy
  6. Quinbie
  7. Quieva
  8. Quintona
  9. Qiao
  10. Quylla
  11. Qi'ra
  12. Quiyanna
  13. Quintonette
  14. Qaletaqa
  15. Quannah

If you don’t have your name in mind yet, don’t worry! Below we present a list of some more baby girl names — including middle names — starting with Q, plus the name’s meaning and origin.

Qadira through Quorra

  • Qadira Arabic — Powerful.
  • Qamra Arabic — moon
  • Queena Old English — A woman.
  • Queenie   — Queen or female companion.
  • Quella English — To pacify.
  • Quenby Scandinavian — Womanly.
  • Quentin Latin — The fifth, as in the fifth-born child. A boy or girl’s name.
  • Querida Spanish — The beloved one.
  • Questa French — The searcher.
  • Quincy Latin/French — The fifth, as in fifth child. A boy or girl’s name.
  • Quinn Irish Gaelic — Wise and intelligent. A boy or girl’s name.
  • Quinta Latin — The fifth, as in fifth child. Also see Quentin.
  • Quintessa Latin — essence
  • Quintina Latin — fifth
  • Quirita Latin — A citizen.
  • Quiterie French — tranquil
  • Quoba Latin — A citizen.
  • Quorra Italian — heart

Tips for Picking a Baby Name

Picking a baby name can be a tough deal, but we're here to help. Check out some of our tips for finding just the right baby name.

Make a list of your favorites. As you find names you love, write them down or put them in an Excel or Google sheet. This will help you keep track of each name. Once you're done going through all the available girl names out there, you'll want to be able to go back and look at all the names you loved. If you don't write them down now, you're liable to forget them.

Pay homage to something special. If there's a movie, T.V. show, video game, or book that you adore, consider paying homage to it by naming your child after one of its characters. Fictional media offer a plethora of names to choose from, including some unique and unusual ones. Look to your favorites for inspiration!

Think about meaning. The meaning of a name is definitely something to consider when choosing your baby's name. You can add special significance to your name choice if it means something that matters deeply to you. Whether spiritual, literary, or symbolic, a name's meaning can be a guiding factor when deciding on baby girl names. Remember to maintain respect for the cultural origins of a name.

Don't make it too complicated. There's thousands of names out there to choose from. You don't need to make a list of your own that's equally as long. Try limiting yourself to fifty to a hundred names that you really like, and slowly whittle it down from there. Any more than a hundred, and you're going to overwhelm yourself.


Q names are truly some of the most unique out there. If you're looking for your child to stand out, then definitely consider one of the names we showed you. If you're looking for more common or popular names, check out some of our other name lists! We've got hundreds of names for your consideration on our site.

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