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Olive literally means olive tree or olive. It is a sweet and simple name for any baby girl, and it has a much more old-fashioned feel to it. Due to the popularity of vintage names currently, the name Olive is truly coming back with vengeance being even on the top 100 list.

Meaning and Origin of the name Olive:

Olive is the feminine version of the name Oliver. It is an English name meaning “olive tree.” This name is associated with peace because of the symbolism of the olive branch.

The name Olive is of Latin origin and derives from the Latin word olivia, which means olive tree. The olive tree is native to the Mediterranean. English-speaking countries popularized the name Olive in the 19th century when plant, flower, and tree names were in fashion. Olive was more popular than Olivia during this time.

Symbolism of the name Olive:

Olive is the literal English interpretation of the Latin word “oliva.” This is the same word that the names Olivia and Oliver are derived from which are used for the words olive and olive tree. Olive branches are a sign of peace too, adding to the kindness associated with the name.

baby name Olive

Style of the name Olive:


Gender of the name Olive:

The baby name Olive has always been used as a kind and subtle name for girls.

Pronunciation of the name Olive:


Number of syllables in the name Olive:


Emotion evoked from the name Olive:

The baby name Olive is sweet, kind, and peaceful. It is not showy, and even has a quiet nature about itself.

Alternative spellings for the name Olive:

  • Ollive

Nicknames for the name Olive:

There are many adorable nicknames you can use for your baby girl. Olive is an adorable name already, and you can shorten it to an even more adorable name. You may choose a nickname for your daughter that you use while she's a baby and maybe as a toddler. Then, you may change her nickname when she's a little bit older. Some families use multiple nicknames, and that's a lot of fun! You're lucky to have so many cute choices with the name Olive. Check out our list below.

Popularity of the name Olive:

In the early 1900s, the baby name Olive was at the top of the popularity list, ranking in the top 100 from 1900 to 1903. It remained on the top 200 list until 1924, until it dipped even into the 900s in the 1940s. The name, as of the year 2020, is back on the top 200 list at number 197.

Great middle names for Olive and their meanings:

Famous people with the name Olive:

  • Olive Marie Osmond (singer, “Donny and Marie”)
  • Olive Thomas (actress, “The Flapper”)
  • Olive Sturgess (actress, “The Raven”)
  • Olive Burns (novelist, “Cold Sassy Tree”)
  • Olive Deering (actress, “The Ten Commandments”)
  • Olive Zorian (professional violinist)
  • Olive Oyl (character in “Popeye”)
  • Olive Snook (character in “Pushing Daisies”)
  • Olive Kitteredge (character in “Olive Kitteredge”))
  • Olive Rudge (character in “On the Buses”)
  • Olive Hoover (character in “Little Miss Sunshine”)
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