Annie is a popular name due to the popularity of the name in pop culture. The title character of “Annie Get Your Gun,” for instance, has this name. It is a lighthearted name with a sweet meaning of grace. This lighthearted energy has followed the name Annie since the beginning, as it is a nickname for the names Ann and Anne.

Meaning of the name Annie:

English: grace, gracious, merciful

Origin of the name Annie:

The baby name Annie was a nickname for the name Ann or Anne in historical England. The name Annie retained the meaning of “grace” that it shares with the name Ann and Anne too. It is a widely celebrated name even today, gracing the top of the popularity indexes, due to the feelings of joy and lightheartedness the name brings.

Symbolism of the name Annie:

Annie means grace, just as the more formal name, Ann or Anne means. This is because Annie was only created as a nickname and lighthearted version of the more formal Ann and Anne.

baby name Annie

Style of the name Annie:


Gender of the name Annie:

The baby name Annie is used for girls.

Pronunciation of the name Annie:


Number of syllables in the name Annie:


Emotion evoked from the name Annie:

The baby name Annie feels lighthearted, fun, and even vintage. It is associated with a person who lights of the room and is a joy to be around.

Alternative spellings for the name Annie:

  • Annee
  • Annei
  • Anneigh
  • Anney
  • Anni
  • Anny

Nicknames for the name Annie:

Popularity of the name Annie:

The baby name Annie was on the top 20 list until 1907, and again briefly, in the year 1910. Annie was on the top 50 list until 1938 and the top 100 list until 1946. Now, the name has declined in popularity, as it ranks at number 288 overall for girls.

Related names for the name Annie:

Great middle names for Annie and their meanings:

Famous people with the name Annie:

  • Annie Besant (historical feminist in England)
  • Annie Edwards (novelist, “Archie Lovell”)
  • Annie Mac (TV presenter, “Superstar DJs”)
  • Annie Golden (actress, “Hair”)
  • Annie Bidwell (American suffragist)

Annies in popular culture:

  • Annie (title character from play “Annie Go Get Your Gun”)
  • Annie Leonhart (character on “Attack on Titan”)
  • Annie Edison (character on “Community”)
  • Annie Kenyon (character in book “Annie on My Mind”)
  • Annie Walker (main character in “Bridesmaids”)
  • Annie Camden (character on “Seventh Heaven”)