From the most unique to the most popular, keep scrolling to explore all of the amazing options. From Betty to Bernard, here is a solid list of baby names that start with the letter B:

  1. Benjamin — Benjamin has had one of the longest streaks on the top 50 list for baby boy names. It has remained on this list since 1975, even on the top 10 list now.
  2. Bethzy — Bethzy as a given name grew in popularity due to the popularity of Mexican television personality Bethzy Zamorano when she appeared on the reality TV show “Bailando por un Sueño” in 2005.
  3. Bill
  4. Broc — Broc, and its original spelling Brock, are popular names used in folklore. They were traditionally the names used for badgers in these stories, which makes sense since they mean "badger."
  5. Bane — Bane is quite a well-known character in the DC Comics universe. He's a supervillain and adversary to Batman. He's appeared in several books, movies, and TV shows, and Tom Hardy played him in the 2012 film "The Dark Knight Rises."
  6. Bradon — Bradon peaked as the 2,548th most popular baby name for boys in 1994.
  7. Brantly — Brantly is likely a variation of the surname Brantley, which is also now a first name. It could also be a form of Brand, which translates to "firebrand" or "sword."
  8. Braylan
  9. Braydin — Braydin sounds similar to the baby name Bradan in Irish culture that the surname, O'Bradain, came from. Bradan has a completely different meaning, however, of "salmon."
  10. Bradlee — Bradlee isn't just a given name; it's a surname too. Some notable people with the name are Ben Bradlee, a prominent journalist and newspaper editor; his father, football player Frederick Bradlee; and his son, journalist Ben Bradlee Jr., as well as musician Scott Bradlee.
  11. Babygirl
  12. Bernice
  13. Brexton
  14. Braven — Braven debuted on the charts as the 3,324th most popular baby name for boys in 2010. Experts predict an increase in popularity in the coming decades due to the 2018 action film of the same name.
  15. Brynne — Brynne is a feminine baby name with cognates in most Celtic languages. Recently, some etymologists have theorized that Brynne is also a cognate of the ancient name Brynja. This name meant "coat of arms" or "protection" in Old Norse.
  16. Brittani — Brittani is a spelling variation of one of the most dramatic names in terms of popularity. Brittany only became a first name in the 1970s in America, but it reached the number three spot in 1989.
  17. Brodey
  18. Briza — Briza is rare in modern times, but it represents an essential character in the "Illiad." Briza was the lover of Achilles. Any student required to read the poem would know the title.
  19. Brihanna
  20. Blakelee — Blakelee was one of the fastest-growing names for girls in 2019. It was still outside of the top 1,000 list, however.
  21. Brilee — Brilee comes from the name Briley, which was also a surname. Briley could be a variation of Brierley. Brierley was a surname in England that represented families from a specific place. It translates to "briar clearing."
  22. Blessyn — Blessyn isn't very popular as a given name, but the original spelling, Blessing, is actually a common given name for boys and girls in Africa. Several notable people in African countries, like Zimbabwe and Nigeria, have the name, including Olympic track and field star Blessing Okagbare, cricketer Blessing Mahwire and soccer player Blessing Chinedu. Blessing is also a common surname throughout the world.
  23. Briseis
  24. Brianna — Brianna has been on the list of the top baby girl names in the United States since the late 1970s, but it may even be more popular than you think if you consider all of the other spellings. Bryanna was on the list between 1989 and 2015, and Briana actually made the list in 1973 and ranked at number 616 in 2020.
  25. Brandon — Brandon was one of the top 10 names for boys during the 1990s. It is also the namesake of several popular songs, including "Brandon" by Motley Crue.
  26. Babyboy
  27. Blade — Blade is a modern baby name with growing popularity. Although its etymology hails from Old English, the name Blade has only recently become a given name. In 2020, a total of 28 newborn boys received the given name Blade in the United States.
  28. Brannon — Brannon as a given name comes from the Irish name Bran. Bran the Blessed was a figure from Welsh mythology that was the giant, powerful warrior that protected his people.
  29. Brayden — Brayden most commonly means salmon according to the ancient Gaelic text. This is because salmons are known as being one of the most intelligent fish.
  30. Birdie
  31. Bayron
  32. Betzaida
  33. Boyd
  34. Bobbi — Bobbi is not only a name in its own right, but a very common nickname for girls and women named Roberta and Barbara.
  35. Brando
  36. Brissia — Brissia Mayagoitia is probably the most notable person with the name. The Mexican actress and singer was born in 1991 and was a member of the La Nueva Banda. She eventually quit the band to become a solo singer and has released one album. She also appeared on the TV show "Quinceañera: Mamá Quiero Ser Artista."
  37. Bryer — Bryer is a name that's associated with being "a strong man."
  38. Brayton — Brayton could be a variation of the more common name Braden. Braden was a variation of the Irish surname O' Bradain.
  39. Betzy — Betzy is a Spanish girl’s name but it is not a common given name in Spain where the name Isabella is the preferred variant of Elizabeth. Betzy is more common in Spanish-speaking Latin American countries.
  40. Blakelyn
  41. Berklee
  42. Bellarose
  43. Bianka — Bianka is an alternative spelling of Bianca, and one reason for its growing popularity could be that the late basketball player Kobe Bryant and his wife, Vanessa Bryant, chose the name for their third daughter. Bianka Bella Bryant was born on December 5, 2016. The couple's other daughters are Gianna, Natalia, and Capri Bryant.
  44. Brooke — Brooke became an immensely popular name during the 20th century - in part due to the influence of actress Brooke Shields. It is also the namesake of the song "Brooke's Lullaby" by The Teddybears.
  45. Bradford — Bradford follows the trend of surnames used as first names. It is one of the only, however, that is not on the top 1,000 list as of 2020 or 2021.
  46. Bryan — Bryan is one of the only names to stay in the top 1,000 for popularity every year since the Social Security Administration began keeping records in 1900.
  47. Brian — Brian has had one of the longest streaks on the top 50 list of baby boy names that begin with B. It was a top 50 name from 1954 to 2001, even on the top 10 list from 1967 to 1979.
  48. Bobbie — Bobbie as a given name is a feminine version of Bobby, the common nickname of Robert. Bobbie is a diminutive for Roberta or Barbara, but it was popular in its own right. It stayed in the top 200 baby names between 1927 and 1951.
  49. Brently — Brently was most popular in 2014 with 121 baby boys born with that name.
  50. Brieanna — Brieanna is one of the least popular spelling variations of this name. It is only a top 29,000 option. Briana is on the top 700 list, in comparison. Brianna, on the other hand, is a top 200 baby name.

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