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The name Ariana could have been used to name the countries of Iran and cities throughout the Persian empire, including the town Aryana. The name became so important to these people, that it began to spread to be used for children. It may have even eventually reached Italy, where the name Ariadne was created.

Meaning of the Name Ariana:

Italian: very holy
Greek: holy
Old English: silver
Hebrew: like a beautiful melody

Origin of the Name Ariana:

The name Ariana is a Latin name that was created from the Grecian name Ariani. This Grecian name came from the Persian word which was Ariyanem and meant “the land of the Persians.” Even the name Iran became a form of the Grecian word Ariani, showcasing the spread and importance of this name.

Symbolism of the Name Ariana:

The name Ariana is a very geographical name when considering the Persian background listed above, with the name representing where individuals were from. It is also an Italian name, however, and the modern Ariana is a variant on the name Ariadne, which gives it the meaning of holiness. This is important when considering the importance that religion has on the Italian culture.

Style of the Name Ariana:

The name Ariana has a classical style with its Persian and Italian background.

Gender of the Name Ariana:

The gender of the name Ariana is female.

Pronunciation of Ariana:


Number of syllables in Ariana:

There are four syllables in the baby name Ariana.

Emotion evoked from the Name Ariana:

The baby name Ariana is very romantic and royal in its feels. This may give it a sense of flirtatiosness and kindness as well.

Alternative spellings of Ariana:

Nicknames for the Name Ariana:

Popularity of the Name Ariana:

The name Ariana has been on the Social Security Index since the year 1978, barely ranking in the top 1,000 list at number 925. In 2001, this name became so much more popular as it ranked at 92. Since then, it has remained on the top 100 list, even breaking the top 50 list in the years 2014 and 2015 at numbers 37 and 46. In 2020, the name was ranked at number 79.

Related Names to the Name Ariana:

Great middle names for Ariana and their meanings:

  • Ivy (fidelity, evergreen climbing plant)
  • May (the fifth month)
  • Giselle (bright pledge)
  • Faith (confidence, trust, belief)

Famous people with the Name Ariana:

  • Ariana Huffington (co-founder of the Huffington Post)
  • Ariana Grande (pop singer)
  • Ariana Greenblatt (television actress)
  • Ariana Richards (movie actress)
  • Ariana Madix (television actress)
  • Ariana Washington (professional runner)

The Name Ariana in movies/pop culture:

  • Ariana Dumbledore (character in Harry Potter)
  • Ariana Horton (character on “Days of Our Lives”)
  • Arianna Hernandez (character on “Days of Our Lives”)
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