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Oklahoma’s Top Baby Names, Revealed

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Oklahoma’s Top Baby Names, Revealed

When having a child, name selection is one of the keystone components of the process. Baby experts even call it the most important decision people make as first-time parents. Oftentimes, baby names differ depending on various factors. Some factors that include the popularity of a name are gender, location, religious or spiritual meaning of the name, and pop culture. In the United States, names often vary by region. The Southwest Region is united by climate, history, and culture. In this article, we will be doing a deep dive into one of those states and their popular baby names. Let’s discover Oklahoma’s top baby names in 2023. 

1. Olivia 

Baby name Olivia
In 2023, Olivia not only ranked number one on the most popular girl's names but most popular name overall in Oklahoma.


The most popular baby name in Oklahoma in 2023 was Olivia. Ranking not only number one on the popular girl names but also higher than any of the popular boy names, Olivia is top of the list. The name Olivia is of English origin and 507,000 people in the United States have had it or still have it as their first name since 1880. A feminine alternative to the popular boy’s name of Oliver, Olivia means “olive branch.” 

Not only is Olivia a popular name in Oklahoma, but it is also popular across the United States in general. It is ranked No. 63 on the list of most popular female names in the country. In addition to America, it is also a popular name in Britain, Australia, and Canada. 

2. Liam 

baby name Liam
Liam has been one of the fastest-rising Irish names in the United States.

©MomsWhoThink /MomsWhoThink

On the list of most popular baby names in Oklahoma for 2023, Liam ranked number one. Liam comes from Irish origin and means protector and warrior. In 2021 there were 223 boys named Liam in Oklahoma. The predicted outcome for 2023 has gone up to 228. Liam has been one of the fastest-rising Irish names in the United States. However, while it may rank 2nd on the Oklahoma list, in terms of popular boy names in the U.S. overall, it ranks No. 133. 

While that may seem like a low rank, rest assured to get to that 133 number spot, that means that since 1880 there have been 274,000 people with this name.

3. Oliver 

Baby name Oliver
Oliver was ranked the second most popular boy name in Oklahoma in 2023.


Ranked second on the boy's list, Oliver is the third most popular name overall in Oklahoma in 2023. Oliver comes from Latin descent and is a very common first name in the United States. Since 1880 there have been over 210,000 people with Oliver as their first name. Similarly to Olivia, Oliver means “olive tree” and “ancestor’s descendants.” The olive tree has been associated with peace and dignity, giving this name a lot of meaning behind it. 

Additionally, this name ranks fairly high overall as it reaches No. 42 on the list of most popular boy names in the United States.

4. Amelia 

Baby name Amelia
Amelia means industrious or hardworking.

©MomsWhoThink /MomsWhoThink

This name has maintained popularity from 2021 through 2023. Ranked as the second most popular female name in Oklahoma, it is a very common choice. Amelia is German in origin and it means “industrious” or “hardworking”. In Hebrew, it means “Work of God.” It currently sits at No. 70 on the most popular girl's names in the United States with around 231,000 people having it as a first name. 

5. Elijah 

popular american male first name elijah
The name Elijah means “The Lord is my God.”

©Stefan Petersohn/Shutterstock.com

The name Elijah rose in popularity in 2023. Now reaching the third rank in most popular boy names in Oklahoma in 2023. Also, it ranks fourth most popular baby name in Oklahoma overall. Additionally, it is popular across the United States at large. While it is lower on the list at number 100, that still leaves around 334,00 people with Elijah as their first name. Elijah is of Hebrew origin and is a popular boy’s name that means “Yahweh is my God.” Yahweh is an ancient Hebrew name for God. This is a name that holds much sway and significance in the biblical realm.

6. Noah 

Baby name Noah
Noah is not just popular in Oklahoma but across various cultures.

©MomsWhoThink /MomsWhoThink

Although Noah has moved down slightly on the list of Oklahoma’s top baby names, it still ranks high in 2023. Noah ranks fourth on the list of boy names, and sixth overall in Oklahoma. Additionally, it also does well overall in the United States. Noah spent 5 years as the number one boy name in the United States. Also, since 1880 there have been around 453,000 people with Noah as their first name. What could such a popular name signify? 

Noah comes from Hebrew origin and is derived from the biblical figure Noah. It comes from the word “nuach” meaning “rest” or “repose”. Although it is a popular boy name, Noah can be used as a gender-neutral name and is a popular choice across various cultures. 

7. Charlotte

Charles was a popular name given to royal boys, Charlotte is the feminine version given to royal girls.

©MomsWhoThink /MomsWhoThink

Charlotte is a very popular girl’s name in Oklahoma. Although it ranks No. 8 on the top baby names of Oklahoma, it ranks No. 3 on the list of most popular girl names in the state. This name is of French origin and means “free man” or “petite” and is the feminine version of the name Charles. Charles was a popular choice for royal boys, so the feminine version was then often given to royal girls. 

Charlotte also ranks decently across the United States as a whole. Coming in at No. 87 with over 402,000 people having it as a first name. 

8. Ava

Young pregnant woman with name AVA written on her tummy, closeup. Concept of choosing baby name
Ava is a name that has multiple origins and meanings.

©Africa Studio/Shutterstock.com

Ranking at No.8 on Oklahoma’s top baby names of 2023 is Ava. While this name ranks eighth on the list overall, it ranks No.4 on the top girl baby names in Oklahoma. It has slightly increased in popularity, moving up from No. 5 in 2021. Ava is unique in that it has multiple origins. One of those origins is Latin, and that origin comes from the Latin word avis, meaning “bird” or “birdlike”. However, certain baby name experts also believe that it has Hebrew and Persian descent as well. In Hebrew, it may connect to Eva, derived from Havva which means “life.” Additionally, in the Persian language, it is close to the name Āvā, meaning “voice” or “sound.” 

Ranking slightly lower on the list of top names in the United States, Ava comes in at the number 125 spot. Even with this lower ranking, that leaves 306,000 people with this as their first name.

9. Asher 

Baby boy name meanings - Asher
Asher is a name that is more unique to Oklahoma rather than across the United States.

©AngieToh / Pixabay – Original / License

Something that makes Asher special among Oklahoma’s top baby names is that it is unique to Oklahoma. While ranked No. 5 on Oklahoma’s list it is not predicted to be in the national top 10 boys names of 2023. Asher also has Hebrew origin and means “happy” and “blessed”. This name from the Old Testament used to be reserved for just boys but has become more gender-neutral in recent years. 

In addition to gaining popularity in the United States, this name is also gaining popularity in New Zealand as well. 

10. Eleanor 

Eleanor is gaining popularity as it is ranking higher and higher among Okalahoma's top baby names.

©MomsWhoThink /MomsWhoThink

Similarly to Asher, Eleanor is another name that is more prominent in Oklahoma. Popularity with this name increased in the last couple of years. In 2021, it ranked No. 8 on the most popular girls' names in Oklahoma, and now it is ranked at No.5. Additionally, it is now No.10 overall in Oklahoma’s top baby names with around 309,000 people having this as their first name. 

Eleanor has Greek and French origins and it means “light-hearted” and “shining light.” This is a name that is most commonly given to girls. One of the most famous Eleanor was Eleanor Roosevelt, the first lady, and wife of President Franklin D. Roosevelt.

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