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California Top Baby Boy Names Revealed In 2022

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California Top Baby Boy Names Revealed In 2022

California is one of the nation's largest states and is often viewed as a trend-setting and habit-establishing location. One such pattern is associated with the baby naming process. Here are the top 10 baby boy names in California from last year — just released in 2022.

1. Noah

This classic Hebrew moniker was first seen during biblical times. Noah was a prominent good book figure known for piloting an ark that brought forth the animal life seen on earth today. In English, the title means rest.

In 2021, Noah was the most popular boy's name bestowed by California parents. The honorific also held the same position in 2020. State records reveal that the designation ranked number 11 on the 2011 listing. However, in 1971, Noah did not register as one of the top 100 entries.

Noah clocked in as the second most popular boy's name in a top 10 national listing.

Baby name Noah

2. Liam

This male denomination holds strong Irish origins. When interpreted from said tongue, Liam symbolizes strong-willed warriors and protectors. The name was also created as a shortened version of the well-known label William.

In 2021, Liam ranked as the second most common male offering handed down by California moms and dads. The moniker also possessed a similar slot in 2020. That said, the title has gained significant favor over the last decade. In 2011, it was only listed 39th. When reviewing 1971 records, Liam did not even crack the top 100.

Liam was the most popular boy's name in the United States in 2021.

baby name Liam

3. Mateo

Mateo came in as the third most common boy's name in California. The honorific is Spanish and translates into the phrase gift from God. Additionally, it is a variant of the anglicized and biblical label Matthew.

The denomination held the third most popular slot in California in both 2021 and 2020. These agreeable rankings are a precipitous increase from 2011 when the name only occupied the 83rd spot. In 1971, Mateo was not even in the top 100.

Mateo did not make the 2021 national top 10 list.

4. Sebastian

This title was brought to the global pool of names by the Latin language. In the ancient tongue, Sebastian celebrates revered, honored, and venerable subjects.

The name held the fourth slot in 2021 and 2020 ranking monikers handed to boys born in California. According to 2011 statistics, Sebastian held the 33rd slot. In 1971, the title could not be found in the top 100.

Sebastian did not crack the 2021 national rankings.

5. Julian

Julian holds Latin and Greek roots. The name honors youth and youthfulness.

Like previous names on this list, Julian held the same ranking on the California listing in both 2021 and 2020. The name's popularity was still strong in 2011. A decade ago, it solidified the 11th slot. However, in 1971, it failed to crack the state's top 100.

The moniker was not in the 2021 countdown of national top 10 titles.

Baby name Julian


6. Benjamin

Benjamin is a Hebrew label dating back to the Old Testament. The biblical figure was the youngest of Jacob's 12 sons. To honor said subject, a family's youngest son is often bestowed the honorific Benjamin. In English, the designation means son of the right hand.

The 2021 ranking is up one slot from the seventh position it held in 2020. In 2011, Benjamin was listed as California's 24th most common boy's name. The name still held a certain degree of popularity in years past. Statistics gathered in 1971 show that the label registered 66th on a list of 100.

Benjamin was seventh of 10 in the 2021 list of national name rankings.


7. Oliver

Oliver is an Old Norse title honoring descendants. In several other tongues, it celebrates the fruitfulness symbolized by the olive tree.

It ranked seventh on California's list in 2021, which is up three positions from the 10th slot it possessed in 2020. Over the last decade, the name has seen a resurgence in favor. In 2011, it was a mere 77th. Oliver did not even enter the top 100 in 1971.

In 2021, Oliver was the third most popularly bestowed boy's name in the United States.

Baby name Oliver


8. Elijah

This title originated in the Hebrew language. In the Old Testament, Elijah was a revered figure known for performing numerous miracles. When translated from the sage tongue, the moniker means Jehovah is my God.

Elijah's esteem among California parents resulted in its occupying the eighth spot in 2021 and 2020. The state's records indicate that the honorific ranked 28th in 2011. The previous entries demonstrate a prominent surge in acknowledgment. In 1971, the designation could not be found in the top 100.

The name was the fourth most popular name in the nation in 2021.

9. Alexander

Alexander is a Latin title. In said tongue, it pays tribute to the defenders of man. Many famous figures have held this title. One notable namesake is Greek conqueror Alexander The Great.

California parents prove Alex is a popular name. It held the ninth spot in 2021 and 2020. In 2011, it has risen to the sixth most popular boy's name. Statistics compiled in 1971 illustrate that the moniker was the 95th most popular label.

Alexander did not factor into the national top 10 listing in 2021.

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10. Daniel

Daniel's linguistic origins are Hebrew. In the middle-eastern tongue, the honorific translates into the expression to judge God. It has been adapted by countless cultures, faiths, and backgrounds.

Its current 10th ranking it up one from the 11th slot it held in 2020. Though still common, the label's popularity has dropped somewhat. In 2011, it was the second most popular boy's name in California. Additionally, the denomination's favor has stayed consistent over time. In 1971, the name clocked in as the 10th most popular title.

Daniel did not register on the 2021 top 10 national listing of most popular boy's names.

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