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Elijah was a popular prophet in the Bible, with his story found in 1 Kings and 2 Kings. The name quickly became popular during the Middle Ages, then rose again in popularity with the spread of the Protestant church. The name continues to be popular in modern times, with celebrities such as Elijah Wood holding the name.

Meaning and Origin of the Name Elijah:

Elijah began as a name in ancient Hebrew times. It was a version that was created of the ancient Hebrew name Eliyahu. The name first appeared in the Bible with the prophet Elijah, who existed during the ninth century B.C. The name spread throughout the Christian church due to the importance of the prophet, especially being used in the Middle Ages. The name means “the Lord is my God”.

Symbolism of the Name Elijah:

The name Elijah is broken up into two components that are two Hebrew words. These are “el” and “yah” which are both names for God. This is why the meaning also showcases the two names for the Hebrew God.

Nicknames for the Name Elijah:

Elijah is often shortened to Eli, but there are other nicknames you should consider as well! We've compiled a great list here of the best choices:

  • Eli 
  • Ely
  • Lija
  • Elia
  • Elie
  • Ell
  • Jay
  • Jah
  • Lijas
  • Lij
  • Lies
  • Ja-Ja
  • Ells

Style of the Name Elijah:

The baby name Elijah is classical.

Gender of the Name Elijah:

The gender of the baby name Elijah is male.

Pronunciation of the Name Elijah:


Number of Syllables in the Name Elijah:

There are three syllables in the baby name Elijah.

Emotion Evoked From the Name Elijah:

Elijah is a strong name, but it is also a name for someone who is kind and good. This makes the name more wholesome and mature.

Alternative Spellings for the Name Elijah:

  • Ellijah
  • Elyjah
  • Eliyah

Popularity of the Name Elijah:

Elijah entered the top 100 list of the Social Security Index in 1995 at number 93, quickly rising to the top 50 list in 2001 at number 45. The name rose again to the top 20 list in 2010, then entered the top 10 list at number nine in 2015. In 2022, the name ranked at number five overall.

Great Middle Names for Elijah and Their Meanings:

  • Benjamin (son of the right hand)
  • Bowen (son of Owen)
  • Wilde (high-spirited, leader)
  • Caden (companion, friend, warrior)
  • Kent (edge)
  • Patrick (ruler)
  • Jacob (supplanter)

Famous People with the Name Elijah:

  • Elijah Wood (actor, “Sherlock”)
  • Elijah Kelly (actor, “28 Days”)
  • Elijah Johnson (pop singer)
  • Elijah Haider (professional model)
  • Elijah Blake (R&B singer)
  • Elijah McCoy (inventor, train travel lubrication)
  • Elijah (prophet in the Old Testament of the Bible)
  • Elijah Mikaleson (character on “The Vampire Diaries”)
  • Elijah Price (character on “Unbreakable”)
  • Elijah Pepperjack (character on “Trollhunters”)
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