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William has always been one of the most popular names for boys, rarely leaving the top 10 list of the Social Security Index. William the Conqueror was the first to use this name that is made for protectors over 10 centuries ago. It is now popular among actors and musicians such as Will.i.am, British royalty such as Prince William, and even politicians like William, or “Bill,” Clinton.

Meaning of the name William:

Spanish: resolute, protector
Teutonic: valiant protector
English: with gilded helmet
Germanic/Belgic: guild-helm

Origin of the name William:

The name William has Germanic origins, and the first time in recorded history the name was used was with William the Conqueror. This soldier helped to spread the name throughout England, and eventually throughout Europe and the world. The name may have come as a combination of the words “wil” which meant “Will” and the word “helm” which meant “protection” or “gild,” starting as the German name Wilhelm.

Symbolism of the name William:

William the Conqueror was a fierce protector of his people, which is how he rose to kingship and royalty in England. He was known for being a protector. Being as he was the first in recorded history to have this name, his strengths should follow him in the meaning of the name William.

Baby name William

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Style of the name William:

The style of the baby name William is classical as it has been around for over 10 centuries.

Gender of the name William:

The gender of the baby name William is for boys.

Pronunciation of the name William:


Number of syllables in the name William:

There are two syllables in the baby name William.

Emotion evoked from the name William:

William is a very strong name, but it has a caring and passionate nature to it. Those with the name are serene and willing to do whatever it takes for their passions and goals.

Alternative spellings for the name William:

  • Wiliam
  • Wylyam
  • Wyllyam

Nicknames for the name William:

Popularity of the name William:

William is one of the rare names that has always been on the top 20 list. It has actually only been off of the top 10 list from the years 1976 to 2003, with 2001 putting the name back at the 10th most popular for boys. In the last 11 years, the baby name William has been on the top five list, with it being at the number five position in the year 2020 according to the Social Security Index.

Related names for the name William:

Great middle names for William and their meanings:

Famous people with the name William:

  • Prince William (British royalty, future king)
  • William Clinton (former president)
  • William Shakespeare (legendary playwright, “Romeo and Juliet”)
  • William Adams (musician, Will.i.am, The Black Eyed Peas)
  • William the Conqueror (Duke of Normandy, first Norman king in England)
  • William Singe (pop singer)
  • William Levy (actor, “Resident Evil: The Final Chapter”)
  • William Zabka (actor, “The Karate Kid”)
  • William Macy (actor, “Fargo”

Williams in popular culture:

  • William (character from “The X-files”)
  • William Turner (character in “Pirates of the Carribbean”)
  • William Halstead (character on “Chicago Med”)
  • William “Bill” Weasley (character in “Harry Potter”)
  • William “Bill” Compton (character on “True Blood”)
  • William “Will” Truman (character on “Will & Grace”)
  • William “Will” Shuester (character on “Glee”)
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