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Edward may feel like a high class and arrogant name, but it became popular due to a just and humble king. This name is known for its many nicknames like Ed and Eddie and for the presence it still has in royalty even today. Though originated centuries ago, Edward remains a top 200 name for boys.

Meaning of the name Edward:

English: wealthy guardian

Origin of the name Edward:

Edward began as a royal name in old England, becoming the name for many of the historical kings of the country. It began to spread in popularity through the many Edwards who boarded the Mayflower on their way to America. The name was used in popularity after Saint Edward the Confessor of the eleventh century who was very kind and just.

Symbolism of the name Edward:

The baby name Edward comes from the Old English “ead” and “weard.” “Ead” has a meaning of “wealth” or “fortune” in modern times. “Weard,” however, means “guard.”

Style of the name Edward:


Gender of the name Edward:

The baby name Edward is a classically boy name.

Pronunciation of the name Edward:


Number of syllables in the name Edward:


Emotion evoked from the name Edward:

Edward feels noble, formal, and regal. It is a very serious name that in modern times, may even feel prideful.

Alternative spellings for the name Edward:

  • Eduard
  • Eddward

Nicknames for the name Edward:

Popularity of the name Edward:

From 1900 to 1930, Edward was a top 10 name for boys. Even until 1948 it was a top 20 name, and up to 1979, it was a top 50 name. Only in the year 1997 did Edward become a top 200 name to where in the year 2020 it ranks at number 195 for boys.

Related names for the name Edward:

Great middle names for Edward and their meanings:

  • Neil (champion)
  • Mark (to be warlike)
  • Grant (tall, big)
  • Sean (God is gracious)
  • Caleb (faithful, brave, bold)
  • Geoff (traveler, peaceful pledge)
  • George (farmer)
  • Henry (house ruler)

Famous people with the name Edward:

  • Edward White II (astronaut)
  • Edward Teach (Blackbeard, infamous pirate)
  • Edward Norton (actor, “Fight Club”)
  • Edward Elgar (former composer)
  • Edward Fox (actor, “A Bridge Too Far”)
  • Edward Spears (actor, “Liaison, 1914”)
  • Edward Sheeran (pop singer)
  • Edward Redmayne (actor, “The Theory of Everything”)

Edwards in popular culture:

  • Edward Cullen (character from “Twilight”)
  • Edward Rochester (character from “Jane Eyre”)
  • Edward Scissorhands (main character from “Edward Scissorhands”)
  • Edward (character in “Divergent”)
  • Edward Nigma (The Riddler from DC Comics)
  • Edward Elric (character from “Fullmetal Alchemist”)
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