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The name Aaron is a complex name as there is a long debate on if it originated from Hebrew tradition or from Egyptian tradition. The first recorded notice of the baby name Aaron was for the brother of Moses in the Old Testament, but it is unknown who gave the name. Aaron has been popular for centuries, and it remains one of the top choices for boys and girls today. Find out more about this baby name.

Meaning of Aaron:

Biblical: teacher, lofty, mountain of strength
Hebrew: lofty, exalted, high mountain

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Origin of the Name Aaron:

The name Aaron may have been created by the Egyptians, but it was first officially recorded by the Hebrews. It was actually originally written as Aharon, but the name was quickly adopted by those from Greek. The Greeks decided that the name should be spelled, Aaron.

Symbolism of the Name Aaron:

The first recorded instance of Aaron, and possibly one of the most popular ones, is that he was the brother of Moses. He actually became the high priest over all of Israel when it first became a nation after he took forth the task of appealing to Pharoah to release his people. Aaron may have even been adopted from the name Haran, who was a brother of the patriarch Abraham in the Old Testament.

Style of the Name Aaron:


Gender of Aaron:

Originally, males used the name Aaron. Now, however, more and more females are given the baby name Aaron. Often, it is spelled in a different way for females, such as Erin.

Pronunciation of Aaron:

EHR-en or AR-en

Number of syllables in Aaron:


Emotion evoked by the Name Aaron:

The name Aaron is very strong and almost seems serious.

Alternative spellings of Aaron:

Erin, Arron, Arin, Aron, Aaren, Aren

Nicknames of Aaron:

Aary, Aaro, Aero, Air, Airy, A-Rod, A-Ron, Ron, Ronnie, Ronny

Popularity of the Name Aaron:

Aaron has basically been on the top 50 list since the year 1971. It has verged off in recent years, however, to where it is now ranked as number 63 for the year 2020. The most popular year for the name was in 1994 as it was ranked as number 28.

Related names to Aaron:

Great middle names for Aaron and their meanings:

  • Lee (wood, clearing, meadow)
  • Seth (anointed, compensation)
  • Sean (God is gracious)
  • Henry (estate ruler)
  • Daniel (God is my judge)
  • David (beloved)

Famous people with the name Aaron:

  • Aaron Carter (pop singer)
  • Aaron Rodgers (football player, Green Bay Packers)
  • Aaron Paul (actor, “Breaking Bad”)
  • Aaron Burr (American playwright)
  • Aaron Ramsey (soccer player, Arsenal)
  • Aaron Taylor-Johnson (British actor, Godzilla)
  • Aaron Eckhart (American actor)

Movies/pop culture Characters with the Name Aaron:

  • Aaron Littleton (character on Lost)
  • Aaron Hotchner (character on Criminal Minds)
  • Aaron Davis (Prowler, Marvel Universe)
  • Aaron Samuels (character in Mean Girls)
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