From popular names like Joel to more unique options like Amari, this list of Hebrew baby names for boys is filled with some beautiful and history. Take a look and find a name that you love for your son.

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  • JoelJoel is a Hebrew boy's name. It is translated to mean Jehovah is God. For decades, the moniker has consistently placed in the top 100 most popular boy names.
  • AbrahamThis Hebrew-originating honorific dates back to biblical times. Historians maintain that the name translates to father of many. Befittingly, Abraham is recognized as the father of the Jewish people. Additionally, the time-honored name is always amongst the most popular titles bestowed upon Jewish boys.
  • EmmanuelIndividuals of Jewish origins often name newborn boys Emmanuel. The designation expresses the phrase God is with us. It is considered to be a powerful honorific that holders often shorten to the nickname Manny.
  • ZacharyZachary is a title commonly given to Jewish boys. The designation is symbolic of the phrase God has remembered. Furthermore, the name is a variant of the ancient Hebrew moniker and one of the more biblical figures Zachariah.
  • JonathanThis denomination is popularly awarded to children of Hebrew-speaking parents. Translated as a gift of Jehovah, one of its earliest and most famed possessors was the oldest son of the revered biblical subject, Saul.
  • DavidDavid is a Hebrew boy's moniker. It has become one of the top names given to newborn males of Jewish origin and many other faiths and cultures. The title also honors the famed biblical figure known for taking down the giant Goliath.
  • EthanThis title is a common Hebrew boy's name meaning firm and powerful. Moreover, the designation continues to grow in popularity.
  • NoahNoah is an extremely popular name often given to newborn boys of Hebrew origins. Translated to mean rest, the moniker is derived from the ancient denomination Noach.
  • LeviLevi is a Hebrew boy's name. The title means attached and celebrates the leader of the Levites people.
  • SamuelThis is a quite common name Jewish parents bestow upon newborn sons. Samuel translates to the phrase told by God. Holders often favor abbreviated nicknames like Sam or Sammy.
  • AsherHebrew-speaking subjects might designate newborn boys Asher. This title celebrates a blessed or fortunate person. Moroever, the name traces its roots as far back as biblical times when it was held by one of Jacob's 12 sons.
  • IsaacIsaac is a time-honored Hebrew moniker. Connoting laughter, the title has also garnered significant popularity among persons of different religions and ethnic backgrounds.
  • EzraParents of the Jewish faith might opt to name newborn boys Ezra. This moniker commemorates the biblical figure responsible for saving thousands of Israelites from bondage.
  • Caleb – Caleb is a Hebrew boy's name. It is translated to mean a devotee of God.
  • EliThis biblical, Hebrew name is bestowed upon boys. The name means one who has ascended. Additionally, the moniker originates from the name Aly, which is defined as high or lofty.
  • AaronAaron is a noted boys name. In Hebrew, the title translates to exulted and enlightened and celebrates Moses's older brother. Today, the honorific is widely employed by Jews and persons of other religions. Arguably, one of its most famous current holders is star Green Bay Packers Quarterback Aaron Rodgers.
  • JeremiahJewish parents commonly name newborn boys Jeremiah. Translated from Hebrew, the designation means appointed by God. English variations of the name include Jeremy, Gerald, and Gerard.
  • AdamAdam is one of the most popularly bestowed Hebrew boy's names. The name symbolizes the phrase son of the earth.
  • MicahThis is an ancient moniker often given to newborn Jewish boys. Micah is translated to mean one who is similar to the Lord. Parents often choose this denomination as an alternative to the ever-popular title Michael.
  • JonahHebrew-speaking subjects might name newborn boys Jonah. The moniker symbolizes a dove, which is the bird representing peace. Moreover, the moniker dates back to biblical times and honors the famed figure who killed the whale.
  • ZionZion is an increasingly popular Hebrew title. In said language, the word translates to highest point or peak. Currently, one of its most famous holders is burgeoning basketball star Zion Williamson.
  • AbelAbel is an ancient name often awarded to Jewish boys. The name holds several meanings, such as breath, capable, and competent.
  • JesseThis a popular moniker with Hebrew roots. Jesse is a time-honored honorific that continues to remain popular to this day.
  • Amari – Amari is a Hebrew boy's name. It symbolizes eternity.
  • JaceHebrew-speaking parents might opt to name their sons Jace. This denomination recognizes the saying the Lord is my salvation.

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