Some of these names literally mean god, while others may be biblical in origin or give nod to the Lord. Regardless, each of these boy names that mean god are unique and masculine. Explore the options — complete with meaning and origin — and find the perfect fit for your son.

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  • JoelJoel is a biblical name bestowed upon boys. In Hebrew, the title is interpreted into the expression Jehovah is His God. Moreover, it grew to prominence in the 1960’s as an alternative to Joseph.
  • Rafael Rafael is a Spanish name. The masculine offering means God has healed.
  • Marius This moniker’s history can be traced back to prominent Latin-speaking periods. Furthermore, the name honors Mars, the Roman God of War.
  • Yann French-conversing parents might title a newborn son Yann. It means God is gracious and is a variant of John.
  • OzielThe ancient Hebrew denomination Oziel is handed down to infant males. In English, the moniker translates into the phrase the might of God.
  • Theophilos Greek parents might title a newborn son Theophilos. In their native tongue, the name celebrates those who are loved by God.
  • Zephan Zephan is a boy’s offering. In Hebrew, the biblical honorific means God has hidden.
  • DominickThe roots of this powerful male moniker are Latin. Upon interpretation from said language, Dominick recognizes persons belonging to the Lord.
  • Banyan This is an Indian-originating boy’s name. In various Indian dialects, Banyan symbolizes God's Tree.
  • Hansel Hansel is a German title given to infant boys. In English, the offering is interpreted to mean God is gracious. The moniker is also often most associated with the Wilhelm Grimm fairy tale Hansel and Gretel.
  • EliotEliot is an English name given to male children. The designation means Jehovah is God. Additionally, the name can be spelled using other letter combinations.
  • IvanThis is a classic Russian honorific awarded to boys. When interpreted from the widely spoken Slavic tongue, Ivan celebrates the fact that God is gracious. It is a variant of John and one of its more famed holders was the feared Russian Tzar Ivan The Terrible.
  • Mitchell Boys born to parents living in the English-speaking world might be titled Mitchell. This variation of Michael stands for the question who is like God.
  • EmmanuelThe moniker Emmanuel is most popular amongst Jewish or Hebrew-conversing subjects. The masculine offering means God is with us.
  • TimothyMany might not realize that the name Timothy’s roots date back to Greece. In Greek, the title honors God. One of its more famed bearers is English actor and former James Bond Timothy Dalton.
  • ZachariahZachariah is a biblical denomination with a Hebrew heritage. The masculine offering means the Lord has remembered.
  • JeremiahThis title’s roots also lie in the Hebrew language. When translated from such, Jeremiah honors those who are appointed by God.
  • Joachim Joachim is yet another Hebrew male denomination. When translated from said language, the name celebrates persons, places, and products that are established by God.
  • Eoin Boys born to Irish parents might be designated Eoin. In their language, the name means God is gracious. Moreover, it is a version of John.
  • Zebedee The unique male honorific Zebedee is English. It recognizes a gift from God and is considered the English variant of the biblical Hebrew offering Zebediah.
  • JadenNew parents who speak Hebrew or are fond of said tongue might denominate an infant son Jaden. The title equates to the expression God has heard. Famed television and motion picture star Will Smith’s son is named Jaden.
  • Amadeus Amadeus is a Latin title given to boys celebrating those considered lovers of God. In addition, the denomination is most famously associated with Austrian composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, whose achievements were denoted in the motion picture Amadeus.
  • Balthasar Balthasar is a Greek moniker dating back to biblical times. The masculine name recognizes that God protects the king.
  • Hermes This offering dates back to ancient Greece. Hermes was the messenger God in said nation’s mythological history.
  • MatthewThe name Matthew possesses strong biblical ties. In Hebrew, Matthew means gift of Jehovah. Furthermore, Matthew was one of Jesus’s most trusted disciples.

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