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Zachariah has been a name option since the Biblical times. It is the name for at least a couple of characters in the Bible, according to the King James version, in both the Old and New Testaments. Despite these Hebrew origins, the baby name was not a top 1,000 option in America until the early 1970s.

Meaning and Origin of the Name Zachariah:

Zachariah is a version of the Hebrew name Zechariah. The original Hebrew name these come from is Zekharyah. The name appears in both the Old Testament and New Testament, with a book named after the prophet in the former and the name being the father of John the Baptist in the latter. The Protestant Reformation encouraged the continued use of the name among the church. The name is interpreted to mean “the Lord has remembered” and “God has remembered”.

Symbolism of the Name Zachariah:

Zachariah comes from the Hebrew name Zekharyah. This name is broken into the Hebrew words “zakhar” and “yah”. “Zakhar” means “to remember” and “yah” means “God”. When combining these, you get the meaning “God has remembered”.

Nicknames for the Name Zachariah:

Zachariah is commonly shortened to Zac or Zach, but there are many other nicknames available if those aren't to your fancy! Check out our full list here:

Baby name Zachariah


Style of the Name Zachariah:


Gender of the Name Zachariah:

Zachariah is a distinctly male name.

Pronunciation of the Name Zachariah:

zehk-uh-RIE-uh or zak-uh-RIE-uh

Number of Syllables in the Name Zachariah:


Emotion Evoked From the Name Zachariah:

Zachariah is a strong baby name that feels complex and mature.

Alternative Spellings for the Name Zachariah:

  • Zechariah
  • Zakariya
  • Zakariyah
  • Zacharia
  • Zacharyah
  • Zacaharya

Popularity of the Name Zachariah:

In 1972, Zachariah ranked at number 696 in America. It was a top 400 name from 1982 to 2003, never going above this list. As of 2022, Zachariah is rank 533 for boys.

Great Middle Names for Zachariah and Their Meanings:

Famous People with the Name Zachariah:

  • Zachariah (character from “Supernatural”)
  • Zachariah (character from “Confessions of Charlotte Doyle”)
  • Zachariah (character from “The Mortal Instruments”)
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