Owen is a popular baby name for boys that receives its origins from two separate countries, Wales and Ireland. The name has a natural sense of nobility coming from the meaning that is given to the name of well-born. It is now, however, used for any little boy regardless of socioeconomic status, especially when considering it is on the top 50 list of the Social Security Index.

Meaning of the name Owen:

Irish: youth, well-born
Welsh: young warrior, well-born

Origin of the name Owen:

The baby name Owen comes from traditional European history. In Ireland, the baby name is the English version of the Gaelic name Eoghan. In Wales, however, the name is the English version of the baby name Owain. Each of these names comes from the name Eugene, based on the Greek “Eugenes” meaning “good born.”

Symbolism of the name Owen:

The baby name Owen retained the meanings of the classical Eugene. The well-born meaning gives Owen a sense of nobility and power. The meanings of youth and young warrior come from the meanings of either Eoghan or Owain.

Baby name Owen

Style of the name Owen:


Gender of the name Owen:

The baby name Owen is exclusively used for males.

Pronunciation of the name Owen:


Number of syllables in the name Owen:


Emotion evoked from the name Owen:

The baby name Owen feels regal and noble. It also has a youthful energy that feels energizing.

Alternative spellings for the name Owen:

  • Ewan
  • Owenn
  • Owhen

Nicknames for the name Owen:

  • Owie
  • Ennie
  • Wen
  • O
  • Wennie
  • Ows
  • Ozzie

Popularity of the name Owen:

In 2020, the baby name Owen ranked at number 22 on the Social Security Index, almost putting it on the top 20 list. The baby name has been on the top 50 list since 2010, and on the top 100 list since 2002. This is the most popular that Owen has ever been when going back to 1900.

Related names for the name Owen:

Great middle names for Owen and their meanings:

Famous people with the name Owen:

  • Owen Wilson (actor, “Wedding Crashers”)
  • Owen Wister (novelist, “The Virginian”)
  • Owen Bento (actor, “Friends with Kids”)
  • Owen Daniels (former NFL player, Houston Texans)
  • Owen Hargreaves (English soccer player)
  • Owen Hart (professional wrestler)

Owens in popular culture:

  • Owen Lars (character in “Star Wars”)
  • Owen Harper (character on “Torchwood”)
  • Owen French (character in “Drop Dead Diva”)
  • Owen (character on “Total Drama”)
  • Owen Thurman (character on “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”)