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Myles sounds modern and fresh, but it is actually hundreds of years old. This top 150 baby name comes from ancient German and Greek cultures. In Greek, it represents a mythological king, while in German, it represents the army that invaded England.

Meaning and Origin of the Name Myles:

The baby name Myles may come from the old Germanic name Milo. This name came to England during the Norman Invasion, coming from the Latin word “miles”. In Scotland, the people took the name, translating it to a shortened version of the baby name Maoilios. Others state, however, that Myles has a Greek background as Myles was a mythological king. The Latin roots of this name give it the meaning of “soldier”, while its Greek background gives it the meaning of “mill”.

Symbolism of the Name Myles:

In Latin, the baby name Myles means “soldier” as it comes from the word “miles.” This Latin word is the translation of the aforementioned definition. In Greek, Myles comes from the word “myle” which means “mill.”

Nicknames for the Name Myles:

Myles is a modern-sounding name, despite its old origins. The nicknames you can give a child with the name Myles feel equally as modern. Many of these are cute options!

  • Mys
  • My My
  • Mylo
  • Smyle
  • Smyles
  • Smiley
  • Myley
  • My
  • Mies
  • Mylesly
  • Mylan
  • Emilio 
  • Myer
  • Myers
  • Em

Style of the Name Myles:


Gender of the Name Myles:

Myles is a manly name for boys that still feels modern, especially with this spelling.

Pronunciation of the Name Myles:


Number of Syllables in the Name Myles:


Emotion Evoked From the Name Myles:

Myles feels strong, manly, and rough. It still feels modern when considering this spelling choice over alternatives.

Alternative Spellings for the Name Myles:

Popularity of the Name Myles:

Though it sounds modern, Myles has actually been a popular baby name for centuries. In 1900, for instance, the name ranked at number 722. In the year 2007, Myles went on the top 300 list at number 299. As of 2022, it ranks on the top 150 list, with a spot at rank 112.

Great Middle Names for Myles and Their Meanings:

  • Ansel (follower of a nobleman)
  • Gunner (battle, warrior)
  • Duke (leader)
  • Bryson (descendent of Brice)
  • Ace (unity)
  • Luke (light)

Famous People with the Name Myles:

  • Myles Standish (famous Pilgrim)
  • Myles Kennedy (singer from Alter Bridge band)
  • Myles Foster (illustrator)
  • Myles Turner (NBA player)
  • Myles Garrett (NFL player)
  • Myles Jury (mixed martial artist)
  • Myles Weston (soccer player)
  • Myles Mitchell (character from “Moesha”)
  • Myles Conway (character from “The Famous Jett Jackson”)
  • Myles of Olau (character from “Tortall” books)
  • Myles (character from “The 100”)
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