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Rylan is quickly becoming one of the most popular gender-neutral names out there. So many names have a history behind them that proliferates a specific gender, Rylan is a modern name that works well for anyone. Although it has been climbing in the naming charts, it is still a fairly unique name.

Meaning of the name Rylan:

British: Where rye is grown, island meadow

Origin of the name Rylan:

British. Being a modern take on the English surname Ryland, Rylan has a unisex sound that works well for both baby boys and girls.

Symbolism of the name Rylan:

“Where the rye is grown” is what Rylan translates to and as such it symbolizes growth, and nourishment. The literal planting of a seed and caring for it until it reaches maturity.

Style of the name Rylan:


Gender of the name Rylan:

Rylan is a gender-neutral name that works well with either girls or boys.

Pronunciation of the name Rylan:


Syllables in the name Rylan:


Emotion evoked from the name Rylan:

The name Rylan evokes a feeling of growth, empathy, and inspiration.

Alternative spellings for the name Rylan:

Ryelan, Rylen, Ryelen

Nicknames for the name Rylan:

Rye, Rie, Lan, Len

Popularity of the name Rylan:

According to the Social Security Administration index, Rylan was ranked as the 870th most popular girl name in 2020. It was ranked as the 327th most popular boy name in 2020.

Related names for the name Rylan:

Ryland, Ryan, Rhyan, Raelynn, Ryleigh

Great middle names for Rylan and their meanings:

  • Bliss (happiness)
  • Drew (shortened version of Andrew)
  • Lee (meadow)
  • Pace (speed)
  • Shea (stately)
  • True (truth)

Famous people with the name Rylan:

Rylan in movies/pop culture:

  • Rylan (character in the movie “The Last Starfighter”)
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