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Drew is an English boy’s name that means “manly, strong” and is a diminutive of the name Andrew. Drew has never been as popular as Andrew and that divide has gotten wider in the last decade. Drew is occasionally used as a girl’s name thanks to actress Drew Barrymore but the trend never took off.

Meaning of the name Drew:

English: manly, strong

Origin of the name Drew:

Drew is an English boy’s name that means “manly, strong”. Drew is a diminutive of the name Andrew.

Symbolism of the name Drew:

Drew has a namesake in the Andrew clematis flower. The flower is a vibrant purple large petaled climbing plant. Clematis symbolize artistry, ingenuity, creativity, and artifice.

Baby name Drew

Style of the name Drew:


Gender of the name Drew:

Drew is a boy's name.

Pronunciation of the name Drew:


Number of syllables in the name Drew:


Emotion evoked from the name Drew:

Drew evokes feelings of strength and ingenuity.

Alternative spellings for the name Drew:

Dru, Droo

Nicknames for the name Drew:

  • Dee
  • Roo

Popularity of the name Drew:

According to the Social Security Administration, Drew is a boy’s name that first became popular in 1939. Drew was at peak popularity in the 1990’s and has declined in the last few years. Drew was #530 as of 2020.

Related names for the name Drew:

Great middle names for the name Drew and their meanings:

Famous people with the name Drew:

  • Drew McQueen Bledsoe (American football player)
  • Drew Tilanus Dirksen (American musician)
  • Drew Chadwick (American singer)
  • Drew Gooden (American YouTuber and Vine comedian)
  • Drew Monson (American YouTuber)

Drew in popular culture:

  • Drew Wu (television, ”Grimm”)
  • Drew Pickles (television, “Rugrats”)
  • Drew (television, Pokemon series)
  • Drew Misham (video game, “Ace Attorney”)
  • Drew (television, “Quantico”)
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