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What once began as a nickname is now one of the most popular baby names in America. According to the Social Security Index, Danny is a top 600 name, but it has spent many years on the top 200 list. The name is associated with both boys and girls, coming from Daniel and Daniella.

Meaning of the name Danny:

Hebrew: God is my judge

Origin of the name Danny:

Danny originated as the shortened version of the baby name Daniel. It is modern to around the last 150 years, seen in popular culture through songs like “Danny Boy.” In more modern times, some females use the nickname for a shortened form of Daniella.

Symbolism of the name Danny:

The baby names Daniella and Daniel are Hebrew names that each means “God is my judge.” That, therefore, gives Danny the same meaning, as it is just a shortened version of these names.

Style of the name Danny:


Gender of the name Danny:

Danny is primarily a boy's name that is the shortened form of Daniel. Rarely, girls will use the name as a shortened form of Danielle.

Pronunciation of the name Danny:


Number of syllables in the name Danny:


Emotion evoked from the name Danny:

Danny feels young and energetic. It is a lighthearted baby name option.

Alternative spellings for the name Danny:

Nicknames for the name Danny:

Popularity of the name Danny:

Danny became a top 800 name on the Social Security Index at rank 791 in 1901. It became a top 200 name in 1935 at rank 192, and a top 100 name in 1943 at rank 88. The name was even a top 50 option from 1946 to 1960. As of 2020, Danny is a top 600 option at rank 567.

Related names for the name Danny:

Great middle names for Danny and their meanings:

  • Arthur (bear)
  • Brady (descendent of Bradach)
  • Paul (small, humble)
  • Wayne (wagon builder, driver)
  • Leigh (meadow, delicate)
  • Rose (rose, a flower)
  • Kate (pure, clear)
  • Mariah (the Lord is my teacher)

Famous people with the name Danny:

  • Danny DeVito (actor, “It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia”)
  • Danny Elfman (composer)
  • Danny Glover (actor, “Lethal Weapon”)
  • Danny Dyer (actor, “EastEnders”)
  • Danny Lloyd (actor, “The Shining”)
  • Danny Nucci (actor, “Titanic”)

Dannys in popular culture:

  • Danny Lawrence (character from “Carmilla” web series)
  • Danny Beck (character from “Bones”)
  • Danny Castellano (character from “The Mindy Project”)
  • Danny Holt (character from “London Spy”)
  • Danny Rayburn (character from “Bloodline”)
  • Danny Donahue (character from “Role Models”)
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