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Thanks to Paul the Apostle, the baby name Paul has deep religious roots for Christian parents. But 20th-century pop culture also played a role in keeping the moniker on the list of the top 100 baby names for boys in the United States for at least a century. From hunky actors like Paul Newman and Paul Rudd to everyone's favorite Beatle, it's a safe bet that many generations of new moms have named their sons after their celebrity crushes.

Meaning of the name Paul:

Latin: Humble, small

Origin of the name Paul:

Before Paul was a given name, it was a Roman family name. It's derived from the Latin word “paulus,” which means “small” or “humble.”

Symbolism of the name Paul:

Many people of the Christian faith believe the Apostle Paul to be one of the most influential Christians in history. For this reason, the baby name Paul is often considered a strong symbol of that faith.

Baby name Paul

Style of the name Paul:


Gender of the name Paul:

Paul is a boy's name.

Pronunciation of the name Paul:


Number of syllables in the name Paul:


Emotion evoked from the name Paul:

Thanks to handsome celebrities like Paul Newman and Paul McCartney, the baby name Paul evokes emotions of masculinity and ruggedness.

Alternative spellings for the name Paul:

  • Pawl
  • Paull
  • Pahl

Nicknames for the name Paul:

Popularity of the name Paul:

According to the Social Security Administration, Paul was one of the top 100 baby names every single year between 1900 and 2000. As of 2020, it's fallen back to number 252.

Related names for the name Paul:

Great middle names for Paul and their meanings:

Famous people with the name Paul:

  • Paul Newman (actor)
  • Paul McCartney (singer and musician)
  • Paul Rudd (actor)
  • Paul Ryan (politician)
  • Paul Walker (actor)
  • Paul Simon (singer)
  • Paul Thomas Anderson (director and screenwriter)

Pauls in popular culture:

  • Paul Bunyan (folklore character)
  • Paul Atreides (main character in the “Dune” franchise)
  • Paul Pfeiffer (character on the TV show “The Wonder Years”)
  • Paul(character in the book “All Quite on the Western Front”)
  • Paul McLean (character in the movie “A River Runs Through It”)
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