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Paulo is a beloved baby name for boys. As the Portuguese variant of one of the most definitive names in the New Testament, Paulo also possesses South American charm that enlivens any setting. Paulo is the name of a character in the Pokémon Masters, and Paulo is also an ensemble character in the Lost series. Keep reading to learn more about this name.

Meaning of the name Paulo:

Latin: Humble, small

Origin of the name Paulo:

Paulo is the Portuguese and Galician variation of Paul. This name derives from the Latin Paulus, a Roman cognomen that meant “humble” or “small.”

Symbolism of the name Paulo:

Paulo is a variation of the name Paul (meaning “humble,” “little,” or “small”). Historically, the most famous bearer of the name was Saint Paul the Apostle. Originally a Jewish Roman citizen, Paul converted to Christianity and later wrote many of the epistles in the New Testament. Symbols of Paul include the sword of persecution (prior to conversion) and the white lamb (representing his humility after conversion).

Style of the name Paulo:

Biblical, Classic

Gender of the name Paulo:

Paulo is a boy's name.

Pronunciation of the name Paulo


Number of syllables in the name Paulo:


Emotion evoked from the name Paulo:

The name Paulo evokes feelings of dedication and devotion.

Alternative spellings for the name Paulo:

Nicknames for the name Paulo:

  • Pauli
  • Paulie
  • Pal
  • Paulão

Popularity of the name Paulo:

According to the Social Security Administration index, Paulo was the 1,596th most popular baby name for boys in 2020.

Related names for the name Paulo:

  • Paco
  • Pancho
  • Patricio 
  • Pedro
  • Placido
  • Palmiro
  • Paulinho
  • Prudencio
  • Pompeo

Great middle names for Paulo and their meanings:

  • Abel (breath, life, vapor)
  • Apolonio (sun strength)
  • Bertram (bright raven)
  • Dario (rich, kingly, possessing goodness)
  • Esteban (wreath, laurel, crown)
  • Isaac (he who laughs, he who rejoices)
  • Joshua (God is salvation)
  • Kaimana (power of the ocean)
  • Leandro (lion man)
  • Manuel (God is with us)
  • Reynaldo (mighty counselor, protective advisor)
  • Santos (saints)
  • Zvonimir (peaceful chime, prestigious sound)

Famous people with the name Paulo:

  • Paulo Avelino (actor)
  • Paulo André Cren Benini (footballer)
  • Paulo de Carvalho (singer)
  • Paulo Coelho (writer)
  • Paulo Fernando Craveiro (journalist)
  • Paulo Antonio de Oliveira (footballer)
  • Paulo Rogério da Silva (actor)
  • Paulo Almeida Santos (footballer)

Paulo in popular culture:

  • Paulo (character in the Pokémon Masters series)
  • Paulo (character in the Lost series)
  • Paulo (character in The Omen series)
  • Paulo Bardossa (character in the Footballers' Wives series)
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