Many people think bigger is better. However, there are a solid number of others who believe the best things come in small packages. In recognition of this fact, numerous cultures honor smallness through the creation of names given to newborns. Explore this list of baby names that mean little and find the best option for little one.

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  • BrookeThis unisex name possesses English origins. It means small stream. In addition, the title can be spelled different ways. A noted female possessor is model and actress Brooke Shields. A celebrated male namesake is National Basketball Association veteran Brook Lopez.
  • Cheche Cheche is a moniker given to both boys and girls. Language historians maintain that this designation holds Spanish and African roots. In English, the offering represents small things.
  • RileyPersons of English, Irish, Gaelic, and Celtic ancestry might denominate a newborn child Riley. When translated from the preceding tongues, the name symbolizes small streams. Alternatively, the title salutes valiant and brave individuals.
  • Afton Afton is a gender-neutral honorific. The label's heritage is English and personifies small rivers.
  • Dayan This offering can be bestowed upon both boys and girls. In Hebrew, the name translates into the expression one who finds joy in the little things. Language experts suggest that the denomination also honors judges or peacemakers. Moreover, it is also a relatively common surname. A famous bearer is noted Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Dayan.
  • Cale – This popular boy’s name holds significant Irish and Gaelic origins. In English, Cale exemplifies small and slender subjects. Occasionally, the title is used as a shortened version or nickname for the male moniker Caleb.
  • Aleda Aleda is a feminine title of unknown language heritage. That said, history professionals maintain that the label means small winged one.
  • Torrence Moms and Dads of Irish descent or those fond of said culture might opt to designate newborn boys Torrence. Upon translation from Irish and Gaelic, the offering symbolizes little hills.
  • Ducha Persons from Kenya may choose the name Ducha for newborn daughters. In Kenyan, this moniker represents smallness. However, it also means humble.
  • Vaughn Vaughn is a boy’s name. In Welsh, it recognizes little persons.
  • Kanizah Parents of Indian heritage may favor Kenizah as an honorific befitting infant girls. In various Indian dialects, this denomination salutes young ladies. Alternatively, the name celebrates intelligence. Moreover, it is most often handed down to those born into the Hindu faith.
  • SterlingThis Old English title is given to newborn boys. It means little star.
  • Lunet The name Lunet is given to baby girls. In French, the offering symbolizes tiny moons.
  • Shanley – Shanley is a masculine label. When translated from Irish and Gaelic, the denomination personifies smallness. Additionally, historians suggest that ancient is
    an accepted meaning. Furthermore, it is also a relatively common surname.
  • Ondine Those fond of the Latin language may designate newborn daughters Ondine. In the classic tongue, the honorific translates into the phrase small waves in the big sea.
  • Russell The history of the male title Russell dates back to when old French was widely spoken. In the historical language, the moniker means little red. One of its most celebrated holders is Academy Award-winning actor Russell Crowe.
  • Rosetta Italian-conversing parents or those of said European nation’s extraction may deem Rosetta as an appropriate title for infant girls. In the Romance language, the label exemplifies small but beautiful roses.
  • MarcelMarcel is a well-known and popular French boy’s name. It toasts little warrior.
  • Neves This feminine label was first used in Portugal. In Portuguese, Neves personifies small snowflakes falling from white clouds.
  • PaulPaul is one of the world’s most popular male monikers. It is derived from Latin and represents smallness. There are numerous different language variations and it has been the name of countless notable historical and popular figures.
  • Qantara This female designation is popular in Arabic-speaking countries. When translated from said tongue, Qantara symbolizes small bridges.
  • Mordecai The roots of this ancient title can be traced back to biblical times. In Hebrew, Mordecai means little man. The title can also serve as a surname.
  • Din Din is a feminine name most commonly awarded in India. When interpreted from several of the large Asian nation’s dialects, Din symbolizes small dimples or facial indentations. In addition, it is typically bestowed by adherents of the Hindu faith.
  • Jenkin This name’s origins are Flemish. In said tongue, the male offering means little John.
  • Mirta The female designation Mirta possesses Croatian and Spanish ancestry. In English, the name personifies small trees or shrubs.

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