If you're looking to instill a brave and courageous foundation in your son's life, explore and select a name from this list of boy names that mean brave. From Leopold to Everett to Bora and beyond, these names are each unique and impactful. Take a look!

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  • EverettEverett is an English title given to newborn boys. It interprets to the phrase brave as a wild boar. Furthermore, Everett is a variant of the Germanic moniker Eberhard.
  • Baldwin Baldwin is a male moniker. In German, the title translates to brave friend.
  • Evardo Persons born in Spanish-speaking lands might designate newborn sons Evardo. In said language, the name honors bravery.
  • Yigit Yigit is considered a powerful and honored Turkish boy’s name. It means one displaying bravery and valiance.
  • Diyon Diyon holds roots in the Sinhala language. To persons of Sinhalese decent, Diyon celebrates bravery.
  • Edgard Persons of Northern European ancestry might title infant sons Edgard. In the Saxon language, the moniker translates to one possessing tremendous bravery.
  • Fergal Irish parents might designate an infant son Fergal. This honorific means brave boy.
  • FerdinandFerdinand is a masculine title holding English and French origins. In those tongues, the denomination recognizes one demonstrating bravery. One of its more notorious possessors is the late Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos.
  • Jorya Individuals born to the Hindi faith might name infant boys Jorya. In various Indian dialects, the moniker honors persons possessing bravery, strength, and power.
  • Kendon Gaelic-conversing subjects might choose to name newborn sons Kendon. In said language, the denomination means brave ruler.
  • Leonard This masculine title traces its roots back to old Germanic dialects. Its principle definition is brave. However, lion-hearted is another recognized description.
  • Leopold Leopold is a boy’s name. Its roots are German. When translated from this tongue, the title describes brave or bold subjects. Additionally, the denomination was extremely popular amongst German royalty.
  • Sieghard Persons born in German-conversing cultures might opt to designate newborn boys Sieghard. Though it is primarily translated to mean brave, other recognized definitions include the expression hard fought victory.
  • Thibaud The moniker Thibaud holds German origins. This masculine denomination celebrates brave men.
  • Tooraj Persons of Iranian heritage might name their son Tooraj. This Persian moniker honors a brave figure from said culture’s mythology.
  • Troi The honorific Troi dates back to ancient Greece. In Greek, the male designation translates to brave and honors those considered great soldiers. Furthermore, it is often known by the accepted spelling Troy.
  • Bora Bora boasts both Indian and Korean ancestry. Taken from said languages, the masculine name is said to mean brave and excellent.
  • Bravicci Those with ancestries rooted in old English culture might designate newborn boys Bravicci. The title honors subjects considered to possess brave hearts. In addition, this denomination celebrates persons displaying patience and practicality.
  • Cayson Cayson is an Irish boy’s title recognizing bravery. Moreover, language experts maintain that vigilant is another acceptable meaning.
  • Carrados Carrados is an Italian name given to boys. The title honors brave counselors.
  • Najid This designation is popular in the Arabic-conversing world. In this tongue, Najid translates to brave soul.
  • Rostom Persian and Georgian cultures boast the name Rostom’s origins. This male title honors bravery and strength. Moreover, it is most often seen in persons of the Islamic faith.
  • Taymar Boys born into the Muslim religion may be bestowed the moniker Taymar. Language experts maintain that the denomination celebrates brave men.
  • Zamrez Zamrez is a masculine name that is popular in the Arabic-speaking world. When interpreted from said tongue, the title describes individuals possessing bravery and a lion’s heart.
  • Tipolemos Tipolemos is a Greek name given to newborn boys. It means brave in war.

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