Whether the names literally means bear or simply pays homage to this revered animal, each of these boy names that mean bear are impactful and unique. From Humbert to Benno to Arthur and beyond, explore each option — complete with meaning and origin — and settle on the perfect name for your baby boy.

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  • ArthurThis is a powerful and classic name bestowed upon boys. Arthur holds English, French, and Celtic origins and means bear.
  • DovHebrew-speaking Moms and Dads often title newborn sons Dov. In English, the moniker honors the bear.
  • Kuruk Kuruk is a masculine offering. In Native American tongues, this denomination represents the bear.
  • Armel This boy’s designation can thank the French and Breton languages for its creation. When interpreted from those tongues, Armel means bear. However, language experts maintain that the offering also symbolizes rulers and clan leaders.
  • OrsonOrson is a man’s title. In English, the moniker honors the bear. Arguably, its most famous bearer is actor and entertainer Orson Welles.
  • Benno Parents of Germanic extraction might prefer Benno as a name for newborn boys. When translated from German, the designation celebrates the bear.
  • Garcia The male title Garcia originated in the Basque language. Native speakers know that the offering symbolizes the bear. Moreover, it is also a known surname.
  • Osborn Osborn is an English moniker intended for newborn male children. The designation means Bear God.
  • Ardghal Ardghal is a boy’s offering. In Irish, the name recognizes persons demonstrating bear-like fearlessness.
  • Bernhardt The title Bernhardt possesses strong German origins. In said language, the moniker is interpreted into the expression strong like a bear.
  • Humbert Humbert’s holds French and German tribal heritage. When translated from those tongues, the honorific recognizes bear fledglings. That said, certain language historians also argue that the title also celebrates brilliant heroes and splendor.
  • Berchan Persons of Irish extraction or those fond of Ireland’s culture and language might designate their newborn sons Berchan. In the Irish tongue, the name is interpreted into the phrase sharp-toothed like a bear.
  • Gerben In Dutch, Gerben means bear. The denomination is awarded to boys and alternatively means lance.
  • Liwanu The male offering Liawanu was born out of Native American cultures. In various such tongues, the honorific equates to the expression the snarl of the bear.
  • Fyrsil Welsh Moms and Dads could choose to denominate an infant son Fyrsil. This title means bear-man.
  • Math The name Math is often seen in Wales. In Welsh, the masculine moniker means bear and is a prominent figure in Celtic mythology.
  • Alfbern Mothers and fathers possessing German ancestry might title a newborn son Alfbern. In German, the designation symbolizes the bear. Additionally, it honors mythological creatures.
  • Vernados The male denomination shares German and Greek roots. The name is interpreted into the expression courage of the bear.
  • Auberone Auberone is the Italian variant of the English title Oberon. This boy’s honorific symbolizes the bear.
  • Torben German and Danish parents might find the offering Torben appealing for an infant boy. The title is taken from the words tor, which mean thunder and ben, meaning bear to equal thunder bear.
  • Tuur Tuur is the Dutch denomination honoring the bear. Language historians also claim that this offering is a shortened version of Arthur.
  • Orsu The historical and language origins of this moniker started on the island of Corsica. In the Corsican tongue, Orsu celebrates the bear.
  • Baer As its spelling might suggest, this boy’s name honors the bear. In German, Baer salutes persons holding bear-like fierceness and strength.
  • Bruin The Old English language is responsible for producing the name Bruin. In said tongue, the masculine title means brown bear.
  • TeddyTeddy is a nickname for Theodore. Though the boy’s moniker does not mean bear, Teddy has grown synonymous with the famed toy stuffed animal everyone knows as the Teddy Bear.

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