If you're looking for a name that commands respect for your son, check out this list of boy names that mean king. From Heinrich to Walter to Conrad and beyond, name is masculine and respectable. Take a look!

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  • Frederick This masculine title holds German roots. When translated from that language, the denomination classifies a peaceful ruler or monarch.
  • WalterWalter is a moniker given to newborn boys. It has German roots and translates to army or military ruler.
  • RexThis is a powerful, classic, Latin, masculine title. Upon interpretation from said language, Rex means king.
  • Shahjahan Urdu-conversing individuals might name infant sons Shahjahan. The denomination translates to the phrase king of the world.
  • StevenParents born in the English-speaking world might choose the honorific Steven for male offspring. The moniker symbolizes a crown and can be spelled different ways.
  • Aalam Aalam is a boy’s designation. When interpreted from Urdu, the denomination means king.
  • Cadeyrn Sons born to Welsh individuals might be given the title Cadeyrn. In said language, the name symbolizes the battle king.
  • Heinrich This well-known German title is awarded to boys. Heinrich translates to the expression home of the king.
  • Lingwong Residents of China or members of the Chinese diaspora may designate newborn sons Lingwong. According to language historians, the moniker means dragon king.
  • Prince Prince’s roots are Latin. The male denomination’s meaning is chief or son of a king. Two famous holders are the late pop star Prince and baseball star Prince Fielder.
  • Rajesh This moniker’s origins can be traced back to the Sanskrit-speaking era. In said language, the masculine denomination represents the ruler of the army.
  • Sargon Hebrew-conversing subjects might favor Sargon as a title for infant boys. The name actually dates back to biblical times and means king.
  • Idris Idris is a boy’s honorific carrying Greek heritage. In said language, the title translates to the phrase like a king. One of its more famous current bearers is star actor Idris Elba.
  • BaronIndividuals with English or aristocratic roots might choose to designate a newborn son Baron. In old English, the title symbolizes a young warrior. In addition, Barron is another acceptable spelling.
  • ConradConrad is a masculine denomination. It possesses German roots and means bold ruler.
  • Kaiser The title Kaiser is synonymous with German language and culture. The strong, male moniker translates to mean emperor and was a title given to many past German rulers.
  • Vasili Russian parents often designate newborn boys Vasili. Language experts maintain that the title describes one bearing kingly attributes.
  • CasperThe name Casper’s origins are Norwegian. When translated from said tongue, it equates to the expression king of the treasure.
  • Rufus Those who speak Latin may name an infant boy Rufus. The name is interpreted to mean king.
  • Ori Ori carries ancient Hebrew origins. The moniker represents a charitable king.
  • Hector This powerful, masculine moniker dates back to the ancient Greek period. Upon further translation, it symbolizes a brave prince or king.
  • Oba Individuals bearing African ancestry might designate a newborn boy Oba. Many tribal dialects translate this title to mean king.
  • Bas Bas is a male denomination. In Latin, the honorific translates to royal or regal.
  • Addo Persons of Hebrew-speaking backgrounds might choose Addo as a title for an infant son. When interpreted from the ancient language, it means king of the road.
  • Jerrick Jerrick is a male denomination. In old English, the moniker symbolizes a strong and gifted ruler.

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