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The baby name Walter is a vintage-sounding one that has a bit of seriousness to it. Though extremely popular in America after the explorer Sir Walter Raleigh began his work, it is beginning to become popular again among parents who like vintage names. This has put it on the top 300 list.

Meaning of the name Walter:

German: army ruler

Origin of the name Walter:

Walter comes from an old Germanic name that meant “army ruler.” During the Norman War, the name became a popular choice for baby boys throughout England, replacing the similar name Wealdhere. The name was one of the most popular choices during Medieval times.

Symbolism of the name Walter:

Walter comes from the German roots “wald” and “hari.” “Wald” means “rule” or “ruler” and “hari” meant “army” in Germany.

Style of the name Walter:


Gender of the name Walter:

Walter is a serious name for boys.

Pronunciation of the name Walter:


Number of syllables in the name Walter:


Emotion evoked from the name Walter:

Walter feels very serious and formal. It has a vintage feel to it too.

Alternative spellings for the name Walter:

  • Wallter
  • Waltor

Nicknames for the name Walter:

Popularity of the name Walter:

The baby name Walter was a top 20 name until the year 1931, but it remained a top 50 name until 1954 and a top 100 name until 1972. In the early twenty-first century, the name did decline to the top 400 list, but it is slowly rising again. In 2020, it received the rank of number 274.

Related names for the name Walter:

Great middle names for Walter and their meanings:

  • Finnegan (fair)
  • Alfred (elf, magical counsel)
  • Eugene (well-born, noble)
  • Orpheus (darkness of the night)
  • Henry (house ruler)
  • Heath (“someone who lived by a heath”)
  • Elliott (with strength and right)
  • Sebastian (venerable)

Famous people with the name Walter:

  • Walter Disney (film icon, former owner of Disney company)
  • Walter Whitman (poet)
  • Walter Cronkite (famous journalist)
  • Walter Anderson (professional painter)
  • Sir Walter Raleigh (English explorer)
  • Walter Kirn (novelist)
  • Walter Willis (birth name of Bruce Willis, actor)

Walters in popular culture:

  • Walter Longmire (character from “Longmire”)
  • Walter White (character from “Breaking Bad”)
  • Walter Sherman (character from “The Finder”)
  • Walter Mitty (character from “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty”)
  • Walter Sobchak (character from “The Big Lebowski”)
  • Walter Clark (character from “Golden Boy”)
  • Walter Sullivan (character from “Silent Hill 4” video game)
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