From Peyton to Raymond to Alec and beyond, each of these boy names that mean defender is masculine and unique. Some are more loosely related to the word “defender,” while others quite literally mean that. Explore all of the options below and find the ideal name for your son.

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  • GeraldGerald is a German name meaning “spear ruler.” It is not considered a stylish name but maintains popularity in the US.
  • PeytonThe name Peyton means “fighting man's estate.” It is popular in English-speaking countries. NFL star Peyton Manning is one of the most famous people bearing this name.
  • Eamon The name Eamon means “wealthy protector.” It is of Old English and Gaelic origin.
  • Blaz A Germanic name meaning “unwavering protector,” Blaz is an uncommonly used baby name in the US. Boys named Blaz are said to be solid on foundation and very trustworthy.
  • LewisThe name is both a given name and a surname. It means “famous battle, renowned” and has Germanic origins.
  • WalterThe name Walter means “commander of the army.” It is a great choice for a boy's name. It has Germanic and Old English origin.
  • RaymondThe name Raymond means “protector of man.” It has English and French origins. Raymond was a Top 100 name until 1991. People named Raymond are intuitive and gentle.
  • AlexanderThe name Alexander means “defender of mankind.” It is the Latin version of the Greek name Alexandros. The name is most commonly associated with the name Alexander The Great.
  • Alexios The name Alexios means “defender.” It is the Latin version of the name Alexuis.
  • AlecThe name Alec means “defending men.” It has a Greek origin. Actor Alec Baldwin is one person named Alec.
  • XanderThe name Xander is modern and fun. It means “a protector of men.” In 2020, Xander was the 187th most popular name for boys in America.
  • Gunther Gunther is a name of German origin. It means “battle, warrior.” Only 20 babies born in 2020 were named Gunther.
  • Nakoa Nakoa is a name meaning “brave one.” It is a Top 100 name in Hawaii where it originates.
  • ChadThe boy's name Chad is fairly common in the US although it is past its heyday of popularity. The name means “protector” and has an Old English origin.
  • Griffith Griffith is the name of a God of the Falcon. The name means “strong chief” and has Welsh origin.
  • WyattThis name for boys means “brave at war” and has Old English origin. Wyatt Earp is one popular figure sharing this name.
  • DevanteA cool, modern boy's name, Devante means “the one who fights for the wronged ones.” It has Spanish origin.
  • Azim Meaning “protector or defender,” Azim has an Arabic origin. Boys named Azim are attributed to Allah.
  • LiamThe name Liam means “strong-willed warrior.” It has a Latin origin. Liam was the #2 most popular name in the US until 2014. It now ranks as the most popular boys' name.
  • Aldric The name Aldric means “strong, mighty ruler” and has a German origin.
  • Alvaro The name Alvaro means “all-guard.” It has an Old German origin.
  • DustinMeaning “brave warrior,” Dustin has Old German and Old English origin.
  • AlejandroThe name Alejandro for boys means “man's defender, warrior.” It has Spanish and Greek origin.
  • Edmundo Edmundo is a strong, powerful name for a boy. It means “wealthy protector” and has Old English origin.
  • Duarte The name Duarte means “prosperous guardian.” It has a Spanish origin and three syllables.

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