From Everett to Aaron to Idris and beyond, this list of boy names that mean fierce is packed with some stellar options. Some literally mean fierce, while others are loosely connected to the word … “mighty,” “strong,” etc. Explore the options and find the ideal baby name for your son.

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  • AaronAaron is a Hebrew boy's name concerned with ferocity. This name means either “exalted” or “fiercely strong.”
  • Adir Adir is a fierce Hebrew boy's name. This name's exact meaning is “strong,” “fierce,” “mighty” and so on.
  • Aldric Aldric is a boy's name of German ferocity. It means “fierce ruler” or “strong.”
  • Amell Amell is a feral German boy's name. This name's exact meaning is “fierce eagle's power.”
  • AngusAngus is a Gaelic boy's name of prowess. This one name means “one strength” or “fierce strength.”
  • Arsenios Arsenios is an undaunted Greek boy's name. It means “virile,” “masculine” or “fierce.”
  • Barrett Barrett is a severe Old German boy's name. Its exact meaning is the fierce “strength of a bear.”
  • Chasin Chasin is an ancient Hebrew boy's name of force. Its particular meaning is “fierce” or “mighty.”
  • Chidike Chidike is an Igbo boy's name of dominance. This exact name's meaning is the ferocity of “God's strength.” This name is pronounced “chee-dee-kay.”
  • Conall Conall is an Irish lad's name of ferocity. This name's specific meaning alludes to the fierce “strength of a wolf.”
  • Ebert Ebert is an animalistic Old German boy's name. Its meaning alludes to “bravery” or the ferocious “strength of a boar.”
  • EricEric is an unrelenting Swedish boy's name. Its particular meaning is “fierce” or “ever mighty.”
  • EthanEthan is a loaded Hebrew boy's name. This name's specific meanings equate to “enduring” and “fierce.”
  • EverettEverett is an animalistic Anglo-Saxon boy's name of might. Its particular meanings break down to “strong” or a fierce “wild boar.
  • Gibbor Gibbor is a Hebrew boy's name of savagery. Specifically, this name means “fiercely strong one.
  • Godric Godric is an Anglo-Saxon boy's name of influence beyond a man's station. Indeed, this particular name alludes to the fierce “power of God.”
  • Haile Haile is an Amharic boy's name of mastery. This name's meaning breaks down to “power” or “fierce might.”
  • Idris Idris is a hot-blooded boy's name from Welsh. This name can either mean “fierce, fiery leader” or “prophet.”
  • Jaromir Jaromir is a primal Slavic boy's name. Its meaning comes from combining the words for “fierce” and “peace/world.”
  • Jarek Jarek is a Slavic boy's name of might. Indeed, this name can either mean “fierce” or “strong.”
  • Kendrick Kendrick is an Old English boy's name of overflowing force. This name's exact meaning breaks down to “fierce royal power” or “fiery.”
  • LiamLiam is an Irish boy's name of beyond-human puissance. The name's exact meanings break down to “unyielding protector,” “fierce guardian” or “strong-willed warrior.”
  • Sisu Sisu is a Finnish boy's name of great renown. Indeed, this one name can mean “ferocity,” “tenacity,” “strength” or “willpower.”
  • Stark Stark is a multi-lingual boy's name of great potential. The name's meaning breaks down to “fierce strength” in German but becomes “unyielding” in Scottish and English.
  • Zale Zale is a Greek boy's name of aquatic dominion. Exactingly, this name alludes to the fierce “power of the sea.” This name should be pronounced with two syllables rather than one: “za-lay.”

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