While some may consider the word “fierce” to mean angry or evil, when it comes to baby names that mean fierce, we like to think it gives nod to a gritty sort of quality. A child with grit is resilient and strong — and what more could a parent want for their little one? Explore these options and see if you find the perfect baby name for your son or daughter.

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  • Basa Basa is a downright feral unisex name from Basque. This name means “wild” or “fierce.”
  • Bry Bry is a unisex name from Arabic that refuses to be tamed. The exact meaning of this name is “wild and fierce.”
  • ChaseChase is a notably rabid unisex name with Anglo-American origins. Because the exact meaning of this name is “fearless hunter,” you can import the merits of putting every fierce ounce into your child's endeavors.
  • Cú is an Irish name of incredible ferocity. While the literal meaning of this name is “dog,” it is also the name of one of Ireland's most iconic heros; Cú Chulainn. After making amends for killing the guard dog of a noble named Chulainn, Cú asked to take the dog's place as amends. Chulainn agreed and so Cú was taught how to fight and enter a “warp-spasm” rage that contorts his body into a vicious and savage mockery of the human form and grants him superhuman strength and ferocity.
  • CliffCliff is a frightful Old English name for a boy. This name can mean “brave,” “daring,” “bold” or “fierce.”
  • Daji Daji is an rampantly popular name for boys and girls from Hausa. The particular meaning of this name is “wild” or “fierce.”
  • Divoky Divoky is a rager of a name for boys from Czech. Its exact meaning is “wild and fierce.”
  • Einarr Einarr is a quarrelsome boy's name from Old Norse. While its specific meaning is “lone warrior,” the context is the warriors whose ferocity in battle landed them in Valhalla.
  • Fiáin Fiáin is an Irish girl's name for the untamed. The specific meaning of this name is either “wild” or “fierce” and it should be pronounced “fee-ay-in.”
  • Koa Koa is a Hawaiian boy's name that rages like the volcanoes that helped make the Hawaiian islands. This particular name can mean “fierce,” “bold,” “daring” and similar words.
  • Laukinis Laukinis is a uncaged Lithuanian name for a resilient boy. The particular meaning of this name is “natural,” “wild” or “fierce.”
  • Mel Mel is a frightfully fierce English boy's name. This name's specific meaning is “he who is fiercely daring.”
  • Neith Neith is a chillingly powerful girl's name from Ancient Egypt. Its exact meaning is “terrifying one” and alludes to the Ancient Egyptian creator goddess.
  • Nerthus Nerthus is an undaunted girl's name from the Germanic language family. Its exact meaning is “strong,” “vigorous” or “fierce.”
  • Nimerah Nimerah is an Arabic girl's name that is full of superhuman prowess. This one name means “tigress,” “strength” and “power;” all things known to become fierce.
  • Philomena Philomena is a Greek girl's name of overflowing intensity. This name is a compound word composed of the Greek words for “friend” and “force.”
  • Pruitt Pruitt is a unisex name derived from an Old French of merit. Specifically, this name means “valiant” or “fierce.”
  • Reginn Reginn is a unisex name from Old Norse that taps into the ferocity of the gods. The exact meaning of this name is “power of the gods.”
  • Rögn Rögn is an Icelandic name of unisex application and immense force. This specific name translates as “ferocious might or power.”
  • Rǫskva Rǫskva is an Old Norse girl's name that never relents. Specifically, this name can mean “vigorous” or “fierce.”
  • Roswitha Roswitha is a German girl's name of daunting renown. This particular name can mean “fame” or “fierce might.”
  • Shakti Shakti is a Hindi name for relentless girls. This name's exact meaning is “fierce power.”
  • Solveig Solveig is an Old Norse girl's name that conveys unrelenting power. This name's exact meaning is “sun's strength” and may bring the notion of a fierce heat wave to mind.
  • Tukumak Tukumak is a fierce, unisex name from Greenlandic. Its exact meaning is “vigorous” or “fierce.”
  • Yi Yi is a Chinese girls name that does not give quarter. Depending on the characters used, this name can mean decisive, firm or fierce righteousness.

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