These girl names that mean fierce are bold yet feminine and run the gamut. Intriguing options like Adira and Constantia and Harlow are just a few of the baby names included. Peruse the options — complete with origin and more in-depth meaning — and find the perfect name for your daughter!

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  • AdiraAdira is a Hebrew girl's name of power. Specifically, this name means “strong”, “courageous” and “fierce.”
  • Alcmene Alcmene is a potent girl's name from Greek mythology. Alcmene was the biological mother of Heracles and while her child is recognized as an impressively strong mortal who became divine, her own name means “fierce, wrathful strength.”
  • Aluma Aluma is a Hebrew girl's name of might. Specifically, this name comes from the Hebrew word for “strength,” “bravery” or “ferocity.”
  • Baldey Baldey is an Icelandic girl's name of powerful attestation. Specifically, this name means “strong,” “fierce” or “bold.” It should be pronounced “ball-day.”
  • Balsinde Balsine is a powerful girl's name from Old Saxon. Its meaning is “fierce strength” or “destruction.”
  • Balwinder Balwinder is an Indian girl's name of prowess. It comes from combining the word for might with the ferocious divinity of the Indian pantheon's Indra.
  • Boudicca Boudicca is a Brythonic girl's name of power, meaning that it originates from the Celtic peoples of southern Britain. While the name's exact meaning is “victory,” ther is also the necessary mention of Queen Boudicca. Boudicca led a devastatingly ferocious revolt against the Romans in Britain that reclaimed three major locations from Roman hands in 61 CE.
  • Bree Bree is an Anglo-Irish girl's name of potence. This name's exact meaning is “fierce power” or “high.”
  • Chike Chike is an Igbo girl's name of savagery. The particular meaning of this name is the ferocity of “God's power.” It should be pronounced “chee-kay.”
  • Comfort Comfort is a Latin-derived girl's name that refuses to be tamed. More specifically, this name means “to fiercely strengthen.”
  • Constantia Constancia is a prolific girl's name from Late Latin. Its specific meaning is “fiercely constant.”
  • Elfreda Elfreda is a potent girl's name derived from Old English. Particularly, this name alludes to the fierce “strength of elves” from the British Isles.
  • Empedonika Empedonika is a girl's name from Ancient Greek that will never be caged. This particular name's meaning comes from combining the words for “fierce” and “steadfast” with Nike, the goddess of victory. It should be pronounced em-ped-oh-nik-a.
  • EricaErica is the Swedish version of the name Eric but for girls. As such, it also means “fierce” and “ever mighty.”
  • Ermintrude Ermintrude is a Germanic girl's name of unyielding power. Specifically, this name means either “whole” or “fierce strength.”
  • Etana Etana is a fierce girl's name from multiple tongues. While this name means “strong” in Swahili, it also shows up in Hebrew and means “fierce determination.”
  • Geesi Geesi is a Somali girl's name of power. More specifically, this name means “courageous,” “bold,” or “fierce.”
  • Generys Generys is a girl's name from medieval Welsh. While this name means “girl hero,” it should serve as a reminder of some of the most fierce women who ever walked the earth and shaped world history. This name also sounds very close to “generous” if you favor names with multiple applications.
  • HarlowHarlow is a German girl's name steeped in ferocity. This name basically means “fierce army.”
  • Hertha Hertha is a German girl's name of gross power. Specifically, this name means “strong” or “fierce.”
  • Indartusa Indartusa is a fierce girl's name from the Basque language. Its specific meaning is “fierce strength.”
  • Iraidia Iraidia is a Russian girl's name of great, unyielding influence. This particular name's meaning is “fierce hero.” It should be pronounced “ir-a-ee-dee-a.”
  • Jara Jara is a distinctly fierce and Slavic name for girls. This one name's exact meaning is just “fierce,” rather than adding that word to something else. Amusingly, this name is also a portmanteau of “Mara Jade” from Star Wars with itself; Mara Jade was a fiercely loyal red-head who began her career serving Emperor Palpatine but she was eventually worn over to the heroes and married Luke Skywalker.
  • Kaimana Kaimana is a Hawaiian name for girls and one related to the ferocity of the natural world. This specific name alludes to a fierce “powerful sea.” This name should be pronounced “ka-ee-ma-na.”
  • Larasati Larasati is an Indonesian girl's name that never yields. Indeed, this name means “firm,” “steadfast” and “fierce strength.”

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