To be courageous is to be brave and undeterred from challenging situations. This list of baby names that mean courage is filled with beautiful, bold options for both boys and girls. Take a look!

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  • Tybalt Tybalt is a name that has German origins. It is a strong and powerful name for boys that means “brave people.”
  • Arija A beautiful name for girls meaning “strength and courage” or “The Lion of God.” The name has Hebrew origin.
  • Djin This popular name for boys and girls means “head-strong; to act with courage.” It has Arabic origins.
  • Ranai Ranai is typically a name given to boys but is versatile enough to work as a girl's name. It has Indian origins and means “a courageous man.”
  • Leomi The name Leomi is soft and feminine. It has English origins and means “courageous woman.”
  • HardyA name that can be given to a girl or boy but most often associated with boys, Hardy is a masculine-sounding yet modern name. It means “bold, brave” and comes of German origin.
  • Bathilda A strong name for a girl, Bathilda means “woman warrior.” The name has German origins.
  • Meiko A good name choice for a girl or a boy. The name Meiko originates from the Old German language and means “strength, power, and courage.”
  • Emine This name is popular in Turkey and has Arabic origins. The name means “one who is fearless and courageous.”
  • Autry This modern name is suitable for girls and boys. It is a popular unisex name that means “noble strength.” The name Autry has French origins.
  • Archie A cute name for a boy or a girl; also the name of the son of Prince Harry and Megan. Archie means “genuine, bold, brave.” It has English and Scottish origins.
  • Alcie A name meaning “strong-willed,” Alcie is a diminutive of the name Alcina. It has a Greek origin.
  • Rostam A name often used for boys in Turkey, Georgia, and other countries, Rostam means “strongly-built, brave.” It's a unique name outside these countries.
  • Decibel The name Decebel is unique. Most often used as a name for girls, though can be used as a unisex name. Decibel means “powerful and brave” and has Romanian origins.
  • Jabaar A name for boys that means “mighty” and “powerful,” Jabaar is a Muslim name.
  • Aza This short, simple name is fun and easy to pronounce and spell. It is a popular name in the Middle East but unique in other countries. The name Aza means “triumph, victory, brave.”
  • Vince A boy's name meaning “Conqueror,” Vince is a shortened form of the name Vincent. It has Latin origins.
  • EmersonThis unisex name has a German origin. It means “brave, strong.” It is the 155th most popular name for girls and 267th most popular name for boys.
  • Razik A name of Arabic origin most often used in the Muslim religion, the name Razik means “the brave one.” It is an unusual name for a strong-willed boy.
  • Baldwin A Germanic name for boys, Baldwin means “brave, bold, friend.”
  • MaynardA strong, manly name for boys, Maynard means “hardy, brave, and strong.” This name is uncommon and has English and French origins.
  • Dandra This name means “defender of mankind,” a person who is mighty and strong without a doubt. It is most often used as a girl's name and has American origin.
  • FernandoThis popular boy's name means “peaceful defender.” It is a great way to describe a person with courage. Fernando has Spanish and Portuguese origins.
  • Dhriti A great name for a girl and sometimes used as a name for a boy. Dhriti means “to act with determination.” The name has Sanskrit origins.
  • Leander This name means “courageous and mighty.” It is a good name choice for a boy and more commonly as a name for girls. Leander is a name from mythology.

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