From Prewitt to Tadd to Ledari and beyond, this list of boy names that mean courage is filled with delightfully masculine options. Take a look!

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  • Archibald The manly name Archibald is uncommonly given to boys. It originates from the Teutonic language and means “truly brave.”
  • Tadd An uncommon but simple name for boys. Tadd means “courageous.”
  • Yernar A name meaning “brave and courageous man,” Yernar originates from Kazakhstan.
  • Boldo This name means “brave, gallant.” It is an unpopular name so any boy can ensure uniqueness. It has Lombardy origin.
  • Noud This name means “brave and courageous like an eagle.” It is an unusual name for boys with Danish origins.
  • EverettThe name Everett broke the top 100 names in 2018. It is a hearty name for a boy that means “brave, hardy, strong.”
  • Jasur A boy's name popular in Muslim regions, Jasur means “one who is courageous.”
  • Brenden — The name Brenden means “brave.” It has Irish origins.
  • Onika Onika is a name for boys. It means “courageous soldier.” This name has African and Sanskrit origins.
  • Abir The name Abir is of Hebrew origin. The name means “strong, mighty, brave, courageous.” It is a unique name for boys.
  • Connley A strong and powerful boys name, Connley means “The idol of mean, who is courageous and bold.” This name has Irish origins.
  • Prewitt This name was popular in the U.S. many years ago. It's an older name with history and strength. It means “the brave and courageous one” and has English origins.
  • Leopold Leopold means “bold, brave.” It is the Germanic form of Luitpold.
  • Bahadar Bahadar is a boy's name with the meaning “One who is brave and courageous; fearless.” The name has Hindu origin and is popularly used in Sanskrit.
  • Tarone A manly name for boys, Tarone means “the courageous advisor of the king.” This name has Jamaican origins.
  • Ledari In the Indian language, Ledari means “brave, courageous.” It is a unique name for boys.
  • Abheek The name Abheek means “fearless, courageous.” It has Asian and Hindu origins.
  • DustinThis name hails from Old Norse origin. It means “brave warrior.” The name rose to popularity in the 1980s.
  • Andrew — popular name for boys works as a first or a middle name. It means “manly brave.” Andrew has Greek origins.
  • Howard The name Howard means “braveheart.” The name has a Scandanavian origin.
  • Safan Safan means “He who is brave, bold, and courageous.” This name Persian origin and is usually given to a Muslim boy.
  • Bernard — A name with French origin, Bernard means “brave, strong.”
  • Oz This Hebrew name means “strong, courageous.” It is a diminutive form of names like Oswald, though not among the most popular names for boys.
  • Willard — Americanized form of the German name Willihurd, the name Willard means “resolutely brave.”
  • Ashanko — creative name for boys, Ashanko means “fearless, brave, and courageous.” The name is popularly used in India.

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