The German population is diligent and hard-working. If you're looking for a hearty and strong-sounding moniker for your baby boy, peruse this list of German baby names for boys. Take a look!

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  • DelmarThis is a noted German boy's name. The name translates to one who hails from the sea.
  • Edgar Edgar is a common German name awarded to newborn boys. This moniker represents one who is adept with a spear.
  • Kiefer Kiefer is an honorific awarded to German boys. The name means pine tree and is a combination of the German words kien and forhe, which are both translated to pine. One of its most famous holders is entertainment industry superstar Kiefer Sutherland.
  • Karl karl is one of the most popular and common monikers bestowed upon German boys. The title represents strength and manliness. Furthermore, the designation is the German version of the anglicized name Charles.
  • Nikolaus The time-honored title is often handed down to German boys. In German, the honorific means victorious.
  • Reiner German parents might opt to name their sons Reiner. The moniker designates one who is a king or a revered, wise counselor.
  • Mantel Mantel is a German moniker given to newborn boys. The name holds several meanings like cloak holder and one who weaves garments.
  • Leopold This Germanic honorific is handed down to boys. It means brave and bold.
  • HansHans is amongst the popular German boy's name. The honorific represents the graciousness of God. Moreover, the designation is the Germanic version of the common Anglican denomination John.
  • Gunther This is a popular and lasting name given to German boys. German language experts maintain that the moniker symbolizes a warrior.
  • Egon Egon is considered a powerful German boy's name. The title represents one who is skilled with a sword. One of its more famous possessors is former East German politician Egon Krenz, who was the nation's last communist leader.
  • Franz This male moniker is a common German name. In German, the title translates to free. Furthermore, Frank is a the German variation of other common denominations like Frank and Francis.
  • Christoph Religious adherents might choose to name their newborn sons Christoph. In literal terms, the title means Christ bearer or follower of Jesus Christ.
  • Barnard The moniker Barnard is bestowed upon German boys. In German, the name means bear. However, the honorific also recognizes those deemed courageous and brave.
  • Volker Volker is a male name dating back to old Germanic. The name means peoples army. Moreover, it is a combination of two words: volk, which means people, and heri, translating to army.
  • Waldo This title is awarded to German boys. The name designates a ruler or leader. In addition, the honorific gained worldwide popularity following the 90's children's craze “Where's Waldo?”
  • Siegfried Siegfried is a relatively common moniker given to newborn German males. The name means victory and peace. Moreover, Siegfried is combination of the prefix Sieg, which denotes victory and frid, which describes peace. One of its more famous holders is the late, famed Las Vegas entertainers Siegfried Fischbacher, who was part of the celebrated duo Siegfried and Roy.
  • Oskar This designation is given to boys of Germanic heritage. It means one who is a dear or revered friend. Oskar is also a version of the common Gaelic moniker Oscar.
  • MiloGerman parents might opt to title their sons Milo. The name is translated to mean soldier. The denomination is also the German version of the English name Miles.
  • Matthias Matthias is a designation commonly handed down to German boys. The title denotes a gift from God.
  • Ulrich This popular German name is common to German baby boys. The title denotes wealth and power.
  • Jurgen Jurgen is a popular German boy's name. It means earth walker. One of its more famous possessors is celebrated German actor Jurgen Prochnow.
  • Morgen This is a German boy's name. The title means morning.
  • WillardWillard is a name often bestowed upon German boys. The title translates to brave and is a variation of the English moniker William.

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