From noble names like Heidi to vivacious options like Zoe, this list of German baby names for girls is filled with a variety of beautiful options, each with distinguished meanings. Peruse these options and be inspired to select a feminine name for your daughter.

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  • Helga This is a common female German moniker. The name honors sacred and holy ones.
  • Lotte Lotte is a popular name handed down to German girls. Translated from German, the title means strong.
  • Mathilda This is an extremely common name awarded newborn German girls. The moniker recognizes those mighty in battle.
  • Katherina Katherina is popular girls name in Germany. The denomination translates to pure and can be spelled several ways.
  • HeidiGerman parents often title newborn daughters Heidi. This exceptionally common designation denotes nobility.
  • Freida Freida is a well-known German girl's name. In literal terms, it translates to ladylike. Additionally, the title is pronounced Free-dah.
  • IdaThis time-tested title is commonly bestowed upon German girls. It means industrious.
  • Ursula Parents often title newborn German girls with the denomination Ursula. Its translation is tiny bear.
  • Ingeborg Ingeborg is a German girl's name. It is translated to mean protection.
  • Lizel Pious German parents might choose the moniker Lizel. The honorific stands for pledge or oath to God. Additionally, the title holds several recognized spellings.
  • ElsaElsa is a relatively common denomination awarded to German girls. The title means God is perfection.
  • EmmaThis prevalent and popular name is often given to German girls. The translation for Emma is universal. Social researchers have concluded that the moniker is also extremely common in other nations with significant German speaking populations like Austria and Belgium.
  • Albertyne Albertyne is a German girl's name. It symbolizes intellectualism and is a female variation of the English male title Albert.
  • Marlene This powerful German moniker is awarded to newborn German girls. The name translates to high, towering figure. Arguably, the most famous possessor is classic German actress Marlene Dietrich.
  • Aliz German parents might designate a newborn daughter Aliz. This name means sweet.
  • GretchenGretchen is one of the most popular female German titles. It is translated to mean little pearl.
  • Agatha This is a popular name German parents might give to newborn daughters. The moniker represents goodness and kindness.
  • Renate This German name is often awarded to German girls. The title describes one said to be born again.
  • Luana Luana has and continues to be a popular German girl's name. The title carries dual meanings: warrior and graceful.
  • Erika Erika is a commonly bestowed German girl's moniker. In German, the designation translates to eternal ruler.
  • CaraGerman baby girls are often named Cara. The title symbolizes a beloved or individual dear to another.
  • Clarissa Clarissa is a German girl's name. The designation is meant to symbolize those possessing intelligence. Additionally, the title is often shortened to Clara.
  • EdithThis longstanding and distinguished German name has been handed down to girls for decades. Its literal translation is prosperous in war. Some holders might use the nickname Edie.
  • Irmgard Irmgard is a strong, ethnic German name parents might bestow upon newborn daughters. The title honors the Germanic Goddess of War.
  • ZoeParents might honor German baby girls with the designation Zoe. The denomination means one who is full of life and vitality. Furthermore, it is also commonly spelled Zoey or Zooey.

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